VoIP vs Skype – Is Skype VoIP Phone Best to Use In 2023

VoIP vs Skype and VoIP stands for voice over internet protocol. It refers to data signal transmission through data networks such as WAN, LAN, or WIFI. Communication this is the way is far cheap and almost free.

VoIP services are provided by VoIP providers. These can be hosted on cloud or in-premises. Service providers equipment can be used for calls or own hardware compatible with service can be used.

Voice over IP has greatly revolutionized today communication for small businesses and large enterprises. Voice over IP services come with different pricing plans ranging from small to large businesses and even freelancers.

A set of features is associated with every price plan and gets advanced as you pay more for a service. Nonetheless, VoIP has evolved bringing major strides in business communication and collaboration.

Now, companies operating globally are also able to manage and communicate in different time zones and regions with ease and efficiency.

There are many VoIP service providers competing in the market. One name that often comes up is of Microsoft Skype VoIP Phone. But Microsoft Skype VoIP is a bit different than other third-party VoIP service providers.

 Although Microsoft Skype VoIP Phone also works on VoIP it has some differences than other VoIP solution. Here we shall cover a comparison between Microsoft Skype and general VoIP solutions. So, let’s get started.

Microsoft Skype VoIP Phone:

First, we shall present an overview of VoIP service provided by a technology giant- Microsoft. New Skype VoIP has made its appearance with a slogan of a new look and new features.  Skype is propriety communication system that works on peer to peer protocol.

Through a login server, you get access to the Skype server which grants you an account with a distinguishable username. Skype uses an ad-hoc mechanism to connect calls through the P2P protocol.

In this way, the Skype VoIP Phone communications mechanism is distributed worldwide. There is no centralized Skype service. More than a million users are connected to this network. Communicating data over the data network.

When you sign in to this globally spread network you become part of this never-ending network of equal peers. You are able to make calls, send messages, share files, and do a lot more by signing into this account. Even when you are idle and not doing anything through this network you are contributing towards it.

Your device is used as connecting node to route data traffic. Devices with high bandwidth and speedy connection act as traffic hubs. Such active users form super-nodes. This giant mesh of Skype VoIP Phone is made of such super-nodes where one super-node is connected to many nodes.

Features - VoIP vs Skype

  • Unlimited calling
  • Screen sharing
  • File sharing
  • Video calling
  • Meetings scheduling
  • Instant messaging
  • Real-time language translation
  • The status setting
  • Conference calling
  • Paid landline calling
  • Full and encouraged
  • support for all Microsoft services like Office365

Comparison between VoIP Vs Skype Phone and other VoIP Phone services:

There are few points that every VoIP buyer has in mind. Keeping in mind there are some parameters that can never be compromised for well being of a business whereas for some we can let them go. next, we shall try to make a comparative analysis of Microsoft and other VoIP services in terms of essential parameters likes reliability, cost, quality, and overall service.

Reliability - VoIP vs Skype

Skype can be a very good and easy to use option for an individual. But as a business VoIP solution, it can irritate you a lot. With Skype VoIP Phone, you are not allotted a specific bandwidth for your personal use. Whenever a user logs in to a Skype service there is a burden on Skype VoIP Phone server.

So, you can expect call drops and even poor on-going call quality. For long business calls and large conference calls, Skype may be not a reliable solution. With other VoIP services you are assigned a bandwidth according to the price plan that you have selected. This results in improved service with lower chances of connection drop.

Portability -VoIP vs Skype

Skype sends data packets over a network like any other VoIP service but usually, VoIP service providers provide with a portable device that you can carry anywhere and connect to your VoIP service. Skype, on the other hand, does not provide with any portable device.

You have to install its software on your device and it may get blocked in some regions of the world. If you travel a lot and definitely want a portable service at your disposal all the times without any blocking then other VoIP services are a better option than Microsoft Skype VoIP Phone.

Installation And Equipment - VoIP vs Skype

Usually, when you subscribe to a VoIP service it may take a time of few days. You will have to register a number and wait for your number, even if you are registering for a new VoIP service with an already connected hardware. In other situation, VoIP providers may send you a device that has to be connected to your broadband device or replace it altogether.

If you are provided with VoIP phones with cord or cordless then they also have to get connected. On whole, this whole procedure may take several (including the shipment of hardware). Skype, on the other hand, calls for an easy setup. you register for an account and instantly get connected.

You normally use your device microphone and headset but many Skype VoIP Phone compatible hardware are also available that do not require PC at all.

Cost - VoIP vs Skype

VoIP providers provide different pricing plans. You are usually eligible for an unlimited call with these VoIP packages. These price plans are available between a range of $10 to $40 in US and Canada with a wide range of features available with all packages according to the price you pay. You can also move to a yearly plan for lowest cost and maximum services.

Skype, on the other hand, offers some different pricing approach. You can make unlimited free Skype calls, audio, and video, to other Skype users. For calling landline numbers you have to pay per minute. The rate starts with 2.1 cents in the US. You can increment in this credit for per minute call through Skype in increments of $10.

Pros Of Other VoIP Services

  • Reliable connection
  • More portability

Cons Of Other VoIP Services

  • Insecurity
  • Low Internet cause issues
  • Pros of Skype
  • Encrypted communication, more secure
  • Easy and inexpensive for small use

Pros Of Skype

  • Encrypted communication, more secure
    Easy and inexpensive for small use

Cons Of Skype

  • You can’t transfer existing numbers
  • Can’t use standard phones


The bottom line is while VoIP vs Skype Phone uses similar VoIP technology as other VoIP providers it differs in a lot of ways in terms of services provided. You should know your business needs, if they are met then Microsoft is no less than any other VoIP option.

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