VoIP Vs Video Conference

VoIP Vs Video Conference – Which is better in 2022

VoIP vs Video Conference is becoming a hot topic these days. People are choosing both of these platforms for video and audio call communication.

These technologies are convenient for communication but slightly different because of their variant aspects. Many of you may use VoIP, while the rest use video conferencing.

Apart from all of this, you will easily be able to know the key differences. Stay with us; we will explore the differences between these technologies.

VoIP Vs Video Conference

How many of you need clarification with both of these technologies? Even a few of you may be taking them the same, but it’s not true. VoIP can be much better and satisfactory in different ways for your business, but you will not find these beneficiary points in video call conferencing.

What is VoIP?

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It’s a voice-over-internet protocol that lets you communicate with each other. It has become the most reliable source of communication for all business companies.

It’s entirely different from traditional telephones; you need a better internet connection to make calls. All these services will be controlled by their provider and will make things easy for you.

One of the most interesting facts about VoIP is that you can take it anywhere, wherever you want, using a VoIP number just like a business phone application.

Benefits Of VoIP

  • Quality Sound: Its sound quality is one of its most prominent features, which can make a clear difference.
  • Budget Friendly: VoIP is becoming the first choice for all business companies because of its budget-friendly feature, which can lower their phone bills by more than 60%. 
  • Top Notch features: Its advanced features will let you control your entire business, and your team’s communication with clients will be accessible. By using all that control, things will run smoothly for you.
  • Security: It’s an old network with serious security protocols that make it safer. All your meetings and conferences will be recorded, and they will ensure security.

This was all about VoIP; now let’s have a detailed view of Video Conferencing. 

Video Conferencing

VoIP Vs Video Conference

This online technology allows connecting calls between two people through a video call. They don’t need to travel for meetings and to discuss other stuff.

This technology has made things very convenient for its users; all your business meetings and dealings will be done via video conferencing at home.

Another interesting fact is you can add many participants as you want to your meeting. All of your meetings and calls will be recorded and saved. Your clients may also be aware of the presence of a third person. Please have a look at all of its benefits!

Benefits of Video Conferencing

  • Screen Sharing: While having face-to-face video calls, you can share your screen with other participants to make your meeting more productive.
  • Chat Box: You will find a chat box to share your thoughts and mention any participants without disturbing the speaker.
  • Data Sharing: While having a video call, you will be able to share your files and the rest of the required documents to make the call more productive and problem-solving. 
  • Better Communication: Face-to-face online meetings will make things much better and more understandable for all participants. This will let you know who is active and listening in the meeting and who isn’t. 
  • Productive: A meeting will be productive when you can share documents and files and chat to share your thoughts without disturbing the speaker.
  • It allows face-to-face meetings with its users at different locations.
  • Multiple participants can join the meeting at a time.
  • It Can record all the meetings to use that stored data in the future.
  • Quality and stability are dependent on your internet connection. 
  • You can make this video conference call through multiple sources like desktops, smartphones, etc.

Technology Usage - VoIP Vs Video Conference

The use of technology is one of the common points between both of these applications. They use the internet for communication, but their communication could be different.

You will never be able to find face-to-face communication in VoIP, although it’s a prominent feature of Video Conferencing. Interesting right?

Let’s tell you another interesting fact; Video Conferencing may need VoIP services to communicate audio. This element could be the answer to VoIP Vs Video Conference.

1. Services Charges

If we talk about VoIP, you need to pay a lot of money per month to use all of its features. Many of you will get confused that VoIP isn’t that costly.

We agree, but things will be pricey if you want all its features. In reverse, Video Conferencing is free of cost for all of you for a limited number of participants. But you must pay an affordable price to use all its key elements.

2. Communication Recording

It’s compulsory to have all the records to improve things in the future. There will always be a third person in your meeting who will be controlling that network. The same is the case with VoIP; a third person will record all your communication with customers or employees.

Your customers may never know that a third person will be on the call while using VoIP. The manager can interrupt the call, but security is always their first concern.

Many of you may be desperate to know VoIP Vs Video Conference because of their good recognition in the current market.

Now the question is, what’s the purpose behind recording these communications? Whenever you train the new staff, then a recorded training session would be helpful for you at that time.

These records will inform you about the network’s security. In reverse, if we talk about Video Conferencing, then few of its applications will allow these features.

The worst thing is your customers will get to know that there is an extra person in the meeting. We can only say some of these points are satisfactory; you can choose any of them accordingly.

3. Transitions And Transfers

Nothing could be worse than waiting on the call to speak with someone. VoIP will make you able to transfer the call to the relevant department.

You may not get this done in video conferencing if any of your clients calls, and you may already be busy on another call; things will get hard to control.

You will hang up the call or copy the link and share that link with the relevant department. All of these kinds of key facts will let you solve VoIP Vs Video Conference.

4. Limitations

The most common limitation of VoIP is audio communication which may only allow you to add a few participants to meetings. But the reverse video conference application will let you go for audio and video communications.

You may enjoy the features like screen sharing and private chats. You can add many people to your meeting according to your own needs.

You will be able to record all of the communications. So in VoIP Vs Video Conference, the limitations of video conferencing are very few compared to VoIP.

5. Security

Everything on the internet can have the risk of hacking, and it may be any of your video or audio calls. Best-quality video conferencing is also in the top-quality communication applications.

But the case is different with VoIP, as it is a very old application with better security protocols. A whole team is working behind its setup to make things secure for their users.

With consistent testing, you can minimize the risk percentage.

As a VoIP user, knowing all of its security protocols is better as it makes it satisfactory for you to use this service without being worried about security.

All applications have different kinds of security scenarios, but VoIP has a special team working to save all of the worth-saving data of its users. So in VoIP Vs Video Conference, VoIP is a more secure technology that can assure the safety of your private data.

6. Resource Management

When we talk about VoIP Vs Video Conference, both applications have different kinds of management, making them different. As we have discussed before, it would be difficult for all video conference users to transfer the call without leaving the previous one.

If we talk about VoIP, things are well managed; the whole system works with a proper and smooth plan. They will never hang up the call; all incoming calls will be transferred to the available staff to respond to their customers as soon as possible.

So in VoIP Vs Video Conferencing, VoIP is better at managing all of its resources to make the system smooth. You may only find some of these features in video conferencing.

7. File Sharing

Documents sharing while attending online, face-to-face meetings will let you be productive, making things easy. You will be able to discuss things in front of each other.

Many VoIP networks can share these files, but less than video conferencing can. So file sharing will be supported in video conferencing, which is this application’s key feature.

We tried our best to share all of the key differences with all of you people to make things less complex and easy to get for you. 


In the current era, most people are well aware of the recognition of VoIP and Video Conferencing. That’s why VoIP vs Video Conference has become a hot topic in every business talk.

As we discussed earlier, many of you will intermix these technologies, but many aspects differentiate them.

Today’s discussion discussed all the major differences to make things easy for you. And hoping that at the end of this fruitful discussion, you will be able to differentiate both of these applications and will choose the right one for your business.

By assembling and comparing the aspects of both technologies, things were clear to us. Many aspects and features favored VoIP, considered more secure and the preferable technology to manage business dealings.

The best thing about VoIP is you need to have that business application on your phone to manage your clients anywhere, anytime.


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