What is Regression Testing

Have you ever wondered what happens to a software application after it undergoes numerous changes or updates? How can we be sure that these modifications haven’t introduced new bugs or disrupted existing functionality? That’s where regression testing steps in to save the day!  Imagine that your program has a bug that is found and fixed. […]

401 Error code

Whether the website is yours or someone else’s, visiting it and being met with an error page is most annoying. Like with many HTTP response, Codes the deficiency of information provided by a 401 error in identifying and fixing the problem contributes to its aggravating nature. The 401 error is a typical problem that individuals […]

Error code 520: How to fix it?

Error code 520 : How to fix it?

Error Code 520 is a server-side error caused by an issue with the connection between the web server and the origin server. To avoid this error, try refreshing the page, clearing your browser cache and cookies, contacting your hosting provider or website administrator, and checking your server’s logs for any issues. In today’s digital age, […]

Translate a Website

How to Translate a Website in 2023?

If you run a website, you will surely know that the question “how to translate a website” is a common concern among website owners. The internet offers a wealth of knowledge and opportunity in our connected society. Websites represent the entrance to this vast digital universe, yet language barriers might occasionally prevent us from accessing […]