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How You Become VoIP Reseller – Complete Steps & Guide In 2022

Who wants to become a VoIP reseller? Technology is getting wider with time; nothing can remain the same forever; as things get better, many new versions are introduced.

Communication is one of the most important technologies which has facilitated uncountable business companies and boosted them to success. VoIP is taking over all of the mega tools in communication technology because of its unbeatable services.

Also known as a voice-over-internet protocol, it’s entirely different from traditional phone lines. The Internet is the only thing required to make this technology useful.

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VoIP reseller

A VoIP reseller will be the secondary VoIP provider and get customers for them on behalf of getting a percentage. All of these reselling processes will be done after getting permission from the VoIP provider.

Many VoIP providers allow resellers to sell VoIP services to get more clients. They do branding or rebranding by themselves and present the voice-over-internet protocol services to the people. And refer all of the interested people to the real agents.

Only a few of the amount will be given to the agents; VoIP resellers will take all of the revenue and give only a few of it to real providers. Many of the resellers do bargain, too, to make more commission.

What Skills Do We Need To Become VoIP Resellers?

All businesses have their skills and technologies which you need to adopt. To adopt that business, you need to know a company’s ins and outs. 

The same is the case with VoIP resellers; they need to understand how VoIP works and how to convince clients to be their users if you may be confident enough to solve customers’ issues and queries.

You should know about VoIP and how it works, and if there are any issues with customers, you can discuss and resolve them. You need to understand how to install and keep running IT tools. VoIP is ready for you if you can solve all the questions.

  • What is VoIP? 
  • How Does VoIP Work? 
  • How to Install IT Tools And Maintain Them? 
  • How to Configure Internet Routers? 
  • Data Networking
  • Convincing Communication Skills

If you are going to be a VoIP reseller, then all you need to know is the above-mentioned questions, which may include compulsory to know. 

How can you install a VoIP system in someone’s system without having its knowledge? So have some knowledge before starting as a VoIP reseller. 

All the VoIP providers may only allow you to be the secondary provider if you can solve basic VoIP issues and the solutions to the given questions.

Why Do I Need To Become A VoIP Reseller?

People are inventing uncountable types of businesses and earning their livelihoods. Many of them are reselling someone’s product for a fixed percentage. 

The same is true with VoIP reselling; you can earn a lot of money. All you need is to contact a VoIP provider, which will let you resale its services to people, and all of the resellers keep all the percentages and give a bit to their real provider. 

That’s how you can also earn money and get rich or set up your reselling setup, which requires a lot of money. We will suggest being its reseller, and just after a short period, you can start any of your businesses.

So being a voice-over-internet protocol can make you stand independently and build your setup. Nothing is required to start this except having basic knowledge about this technology to deal with customers.

VoIP Reselling Programs

Now there are three options for becoming a VoIP reseller; you can choose any of them accordingly.

1. VoIP Resellers For SIP Trunk

SIP Trunks let you communicate with outside companies to get their services. It would be a very cost-effective process, which would benefit the honors.

Its honors will give all of the equipment and the things needed to their resellers which could be less beneficial for VoIP resellers but for the company only. 

2. VoIP Resellers For Hosted PBX

Hosted PBX is already a company providing many lines to users and the rest of their services. Many lines will be there for you, which will be useless for them but can be useable for VoIP services. It’s the best way to connect people with VoIP and earn as much money as possible. 

3. Start Your Own VoIP Reselling

You can start your setup if you aren’t interested in becoming a VoIP reseller with all of these programs. So there is another option that is there for you.

You can arrange all of your setups and can resale VoIP services. For this, you must arrange all the telephone equipment and the rest of the required setup to become a VoIP reseller. Most of the resellers restrain starting from scratch.

How To Find The Right VoIP Provider

Whenever you are going to approach any VoIP provider, you need to choose any of them who is providing an unbreakable and errorless communication system.

In the last couple of days, many companies have been providing different connections, and many of their clients left because of errors in communications.

We aren’t talking about having switched from VoIP to any other network. There will be a few providers who aren’t providing their services very well.

All you need is the right VoIP provider, which may be easy for you to provide the right services to your clients. To be a successful VoIP reseller, you must have a genuine prover with errorless communication services.


VoIP has become the most recognised communication strategy because of its features. With time, technology is getting advanced, and voice-over-internet protocol is at the top of its adaptation.

The VoIP providers allow many people to be VoIP resellers and sell their services. The best thing about VoIP resellers is all of the revenue will belong to them, and they will provide only a small percentage to their providers.

In this discussion, we have guided all the steps to make you a good VoIP reseller. You need to read all of the given instructions to be engaging with providers and customers. Wish you the best of luck!

Frequently Asked Questions

All of those new businesses want to own an affordable communication strategy, and VoIP is their only best option for their small business.

It’s very simple; all you need is to meet with a VoIP provider and resell its services on percentage.

VoIP resellers provide their services to the customers and keep almost all the revenue. They give only a small percentage to their providers and even can negotiate on it. 


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