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Pipedrive vs Trello – Best Comparison in 2022

Have you ever heard about Pipedrive vs Trello? Both of these customer relationship management tools play a crucial role in making your goals easy to achieve by organizing and analysing your business activities.

Every single business needs proper management and guidance for its normal functioning. A project management tool has become vital for all businesses to achieve their respective goals.

They will keep you in touch with your employees, and their insight view will be accessible to you. The whole of your system will be in your control, can build a strong relationship with your clients by letting them know about your business offers.

What is Pipedrive?

Pipedrive vs Trello
Pipedrive is specially built for the sales team to track all the sales records to improve them from conception to closure. It will automatically seek your clients’ data like status, preference, and contact whenever they contact you. If your team accesses all of this data from your customers, then it will be a super essay for them to inform all of your clients about all the updated deals about your services and products. This is a crucial step to make your clients get attached to you for a long time, and you will surely meet your sales. This will be a major boost for your business to be on track.

Pipedrive is Designed To Focus On

  • Control Complex sales
  • Customizable Features
  • Customer Support
  • Organize the whole team to get better results
  • Gradual up-gradation of the respective features
  • Whole activity method will be activity based
  • Can get all the information whenever you want
  • Best for direct calling without searching out the required person
  • It will schedule all the activities for you even without your presence
  • Can search the required aspect of this management tool to save your time
  • Can take a picture of your work and can add in your contact details.

What is Trello?

Pipedrive vs Trello
Trello is another management tool to make your business more valuable and trackable. It would help if you kept yourself attached to your clients for a long time in every business. Most businesses seek failure because of poor management strategies; they need proper management and control over their business. For all of these purposes, the project management tools will be unquestionable. Trello is also one of the major project management tools to grow a business from scratch to something. It will enable you to track all the sales records and task performance, which is very important to note down all your mistakes. By improving all of these mistakes, you can smoothly grow your business.


Let’s have a look at the key features of Trello!

  1. Butler
  2. Boards
  3. Integrations
  4. Effective Communication

1. Butler

It’s an automation feature of Trello. Butler will let you make some rules and regulations according to your desire to make your work easier for you.

  • Rules: Instant work to given commands
  • Cards: You can set specific buttons on the given cards to make your work easy for you
  • Due Date Actions: You can just set the keys and their exact time, and they will act accordingly

2. Boards

Because Trello task management uses a kanban project management system, Trello boards serve as the foundation of the entire platform. Multiple boards can be made for your projects.

Thanks to the board system, you can always keep an eye on your project’s status. It’s much simpler with task cards posted on the main Trello dashboard.

Drag and drop a task card to a different task status in a workflow to change its status, which will instantly alert all of your teammates.

3. Integrations

Trello includes a page dedicated to power-ups, add-ons, and applications. They provide access to many new capabilities that can improve Trello project management. Slack, Microsoft Teams, Dropbox, and other popular apps that you may integrate with Trello are some of these power-ups. You won’t need to worry about integrating because the power-up selection is extremely big.

4. Effective Communication

An email is a wonderful tool for communication, but it’s not the quickest way to contact someone or receive a response. That stated it’s not a very effective method of planning and organizing. Trello cards are what you require. Cards allow communication and the centralization of all information pertinent to a given job. Due to its most recent features, Trello is far from flawless.

Pipedrive vs Trello: Pros and Cons

Let’s have a look at the pros and cons of both of these management tools:

Pipedrive Pros

  • User Friendly
  • Mobile Applications
  • Powerful features
  • AI task planning tools
  • Free plans

Pipedrive Cons

  • Fluctuation in pricing

Trello Pros

  • Trustworthy
  • Easy to afford
  • Free plans
  • Desktop and mobile applications

Trello Cons

  • Lack of updated features

Pipedrive vs Trello - Features Comparison:

Features of any management tools are the priority for its users, which they will surely use to manage their business and give them a proper direction towards success.
Let’s talk about their features which will make things easy for you to choose from.

  1. Display
  2. Task Management
  3. Collaboration

1. Display

The boards of these management tools are similar; different tabs are used to track all the progress reports and issues of the system.

The drag and drop functionality will surely make things easy for you. You can assign group tasks or share files with your employees in a few seconds.

All of these functionalities will be available on the same interface informed you; without opening many options and facing those complexities, you can manage everything in a few steps.

Trello also allows you to perform individual-level functions to perform your daily activities. You can set your goals and plans and make a proper plan to get them done.

You can have an eye on your employees individually, which is a very satisfying element for every business person. They can track their employees individually and notice their progress.

Now, are you guys getting our point about why project management tools are important to manage and run a business on a smooth track? All those who are much familiar with their worth will never be going to deny their importance to growing a business from scratch.

If you guys are not getting success in your business, try these tools, and the results will surely amaze you.

You need to focus on this knowledgeable conversation to differentiate the right tool for you. We are sure at the end of this Pipedrive vs Trello discussion; you will be able to choose the right management tool for your business.

2. Task Management

Card creation is one of the most important management tools that will let your employees, individuals, and teams display their cards, letting the respective business owners know the real progress in a single glance.

This will save a lot of time you can spend creating new strategies to grow your business. It’s not only important for all business owners; it helps the sales teams to get easy access to their users and let them know about your latest offers.

If you get direct access to your customers, it will surely be an easy process to achieve your desired selling target. They will use different strategies to let their clients remember their services through emails, texts, and calls.

This is a part of the advertisement you need to follow if you start any new business. Before launching your business, you need to go for a proper advertisement, which will let the people know about the products or services you will start.

And we are damn sure that if you follow all of these advertisement strategies, people will be at your doorstep during even the inauguration time.

That’s the main reason behind every successful business, which was started from ground level and now touching the skies of success.
Pipedrive cards will let you differentiate your clients’ given data based on their interests, contact source, and preferences.

Then you will divide all of the data among your sales team according to the specific niches and the potential of the respective sales team members.

In this way, you will assign the specific work to the related person, according to their abilities, and it will be a checkmate at the end.

On the other hand, Trello works like a CRM, which helps you to assign different works to the related persons according to their abilities with proper track and deadline.

You can also add different forms of your work like PDFs, photos, links, and other files even at the individual level to groom their cards representing their plus points in front of their bosses.

Both managing tools perform equal tasks and seek equal attention from their users. These managing tools will save you time and are beneficial for those who are willing to explore

3. Collaboration

These tools can bring all the teams on the same platform to perform their respective tasks. You can assign any work to your employees at the individual level according to their abilities.

This thing will make you able to seek work from the right person who can perform in a better way; in the end, the whole project will be unquestionable. That’s why every businessman trusts these tools to take his business from root to tip.

They will surely show better results when they perform similar respective tasks on the same platform. And if you are looking forward to taking your business on the right track, then both project management tools are your only options.

Pipedrive vs Trello - Pricing Comparison:

Let’s look at the pricing of these tools, which can also make you choose the affordable one for your business.

Pricing ComparisonPipedriveTrello
Free plansNoYes
Pricing Range$12.50 to $99 per month$0 to 17.50 per month
GuaranteeNo30 Days
PricingMonthly and Per YearMonthly Per Year
Trails Without MoneyFor 14 Days For 14 Days

Pipedrive vs Trello - Common Functionalities:

They are not different in all perspectives, they have some similar functionalities too. Following are the most common features of both of these managing tools:

  • Workflow
  • Customized Fileds
  • Drag and drop method
  • Application Integration
  • Recorded Integration

Both of the tools have all of these similar functionalities and use for the same purposes in every business to make it successful. So never get confused after having these similar functionalities on both platforms.


We have covered almost all the different perspectives of these project management tools to make you able to choose the best one for your business.

In Pipedrive vs Trello, we have compared their features, pros, and cons with other major aspects to make our conversation more interesting and knowledgeable.

Every firm needs good management and direction to operate normally. All organizations now depend on a project management solution to help them reach their unique objectives.

They’ll keep you in touch with your staff and give you access to their point of view. You will have complete control over your system, and by regularly reminding your customers of the benefits of doing business with you, you can create solid relationships with them.

We will suggest you note all the specs of both applications and have a clear comparison with your business details, and then select the right and most suitable platform to manage your business.

All the initial level businesses can go for their free version also at surface level but well-recognized companies should get benefits from their premium versions to expand their business. In the end, the choice will be yours choose accordingly.


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