Top 6 MS Excel Alternatives 2022

Are you interested in paying for MS Excel? Because there are so many useful MS Excel alternatives that have been introduced in the market which are free to use at their basic level but paid at the premium level. All of these alternatives are designed with the most updated features to make you able to save money.

Spreadsheets are becoming a vital part of this modern business world which means that you will surely be going to use them. However, different kinds of features which you need for your spreadsheet vary from person to person according to their demands.

In today’s talk, we will try our best to make you able to get access to all of these MS Excel competitive. Furthermore, all of these alternatives are free to use, and even their updated features are free of cost, which will help you to save money.

Let’s have a look!

Microsoft Excel

It’s the most commonly used Microsoft Office application. This spreadsheet program is specially made for analyzing and saving numerical data. The majority of businesses is using it to save their data in the form of tables.

It organizes data in rows and columns, where both intersect in that space called a cell. You enter data in these cells in the form of texts, formulas, and numerical values.

Features of MS Excel

You will find different formatting and editing features in Excel spreadsheets, which are very useful to make changes in your saved data. 

  • Home: Its home page contains the options like font colour, font size, background colour, styles, formatting, and alignments
  • Page Layout: Page setup, orientation, and themes will be visible on this page layout option.
  • Insert: It contains the options like inserting images, formatting, and adding sparklines, charts, header and footer, and graphs
  • Data: The adding additional data and the other managing options are available in this category 
  • View: The different unique styles of its spreadsheets are available in this category; you just need to choose the right one according to your required style

This was all about MS Excel, now, let’s look at the 6 Best MS Excel alternatives, which are becoming the hot topic in today’s business industries. 

Top 6 MS Excel Alternatives 2022

1. Zoho Sheet

Ms Excel alternative

It’s a spreadsheet with software containing data visualization and collaboration that helps you get your work done in a while. Zoho Sheet is free of cost that helps different kinds of files like .tsv formate, ods, and excels, which helps you to insert your existing sheet with Zoho Sheet. That’s why Zoho Sheet is consider as the best alternative to MS Excel.

It’s easy to collab with this sheet for its users to move their sheet into Zoho Steet. This will enable you to use VBA code and Macros for automatic updates and boost your work. 

The data cleaning tool will help the collaborators correct any mistakes from their work and can look at the previous history of your work also by using its version history. 

This application is also easy to access on your mobile phones, which is a plus point for all of you to get your work done even on your mobile phones. Zoho application is easy to use as an extension with different software.  

  • Features: Analysis, collaboration, Functions, Spreadsheet controls, Data cleaning, Race charts, and custom functions
  • Apps: Browser Extension, Mobile Apps, Chromebook
  • Resources:  Functions aid, User Guidance, and API help

2. Google Sheets

GoogleSheets, one of the most widely used alternative to MS Excel, performs all the required functions according to its users. Moreover, it works in a web browser and an independent platform which is easy to work with macOS, Linux systems, and Windows. 

One of the best features of this platform is the safety of your data, it will never lose your data because of any technical issue, and it works directly with Google Drive, which saves every single word at that moment. 

Its collaboration with other Google tools will make multiple users edit the same document at the same time, which makes your team work effortless. This feature will surely be going to save a lot of time which you can make more fruitful for other creative projects.

Apart from all of this, the other users will be able to know the cursor position of the other people and what they are doing, and all of you will also be able to chat in the document window. Through chatting, you will be able to seek any help from other team members on your project. 

If you are the central point of the whole team, then this tool will be very helpful for you to get familiar with your team’s progress and make your work more efficient. 

But if you are planning to move to this platform, then you need to know that you will not find all the similar features which you were using at the previous platform. This is the only negative point of this application, making it difficult to choose for its users. 

But if you need the basic tools to get your work done, then just move to it without any confusion because the features it contains will also be very helpful to wrap your work up in a very efficient way. 


  • Offline Editing Features 
  • Data Visualization 
  • Spreadsheet formatting and editing 
  • Collaboration
  • Compatibility 
  • Learning-Based Features 
  • Security 
  • Product Integration  

3. Microsoft Office Excel Online

Microsoft Office Excel has introduced its online version of office and has a close resemblance with Google Sheets. Its interface will surely make you believe its close resemblance with Excel. 

Microsoft Office Excel online is perfect for all the average excel user because of its basic features. Most of the time beginners feel uncomfortable using the advanced features of MS Excel that’s t why its online alternative is one of the most convenient ways to prepare your documentation and their editing too.


Let’s have a look at the features of Microsoft Office Excel Online:

Application Features

Word For The Web

Word Desktop App







Proofing Tool



Present Online



4. LibreOffice Calc

MS Excel Alternatives

It’s an OpenOffice type alternative of MS Excel, which has its own Excel for its users, packed up with all the latest features. However, its MS Excel alternative called Calc lacks collaboration features and cloud support. 

It’s become the most attention-seeking software in recent days because of its most advanced features, which are more unique compared to Excel’s features. 

You can compare both of them on behalf of their interface appearance; the noticeable difference is that through this software, you will be able to transfer the legacy spreadsheets of the formerly-used applications on macOS and Windows. 

Apart from these attractive features, there are still some solid reasons to deny that this application is not workable for you. It doesn’t have the capability of showing charts and can’t transfer XML documents. 

We are guiding all of you people on behalf of our research, so make sure all of its features are according to your work or not. 

If they are not compatible with your desired features, you can neglect its adaptation and choose any other best MS Excel alternative. 


  • Manue Reference and Command 
  • Printing 
  • Data-based functions 
  • Importing and exporting 
  • Pivot charts update 
  • Edit and save Spreadsheets 

5. Apache OpenOffice Calc

MS Excel alternatives

This MS Excel alternative is perfect for those who are getting fed up with the boring interface of MS Excel and want any new interesting interface to get their work done more entertainingly. 

Apache OpenOffice Calc is the best option for you to have an attractive interface with the latest features. 

Before the cloud and Google’s online office tools took over, OpenOffice dominated the market for individuals looking for a free Microsoft Office substitute. 

OpenOffice has one significant flaw, which also affects other open-source software, a lack of support for clouds. So if real-time teamwork or a native cloud connection are must-have capabilities, you might want to look elsewhere for Calc.


  • Custom properties handling 
  • General Cal 
  • Standard PDF Fonts 
  • Million Rows in Spread Sheet

Are you guys getting the major differences between all of these alternatives? Few of them vary from each other because of some unique features. The most common thing is their free-of-cost tools for their users, making it easy to go for it. 

You have to choose things wisely on behalf of your availability and affordability; if you are done with paying for MS Excel, then all of these alternatives are the best options for you. 

Use all of their best tools without paying a single penny and save money to make your business more productive. 

6. WPS Office Spreadsheets

When it comes to WPS Office Spreadsheets, it’s true competition for Excel because of its advanced features. There are two phases of this application one is paid, and the other one is free to use. 

Its fully featured free version is ad-supported in which you need to watch ads to use its features. These ads are the cause of its earning that’s why they introduced this free type of version. 

Don’t let yourself down by choosing the free version; the ads are not much long-lasting, and they usually last for a maximum of 10 seconds which is a very small period. These ads usually pop up while you are saving to PDF, printing, and using other unique tools. 

After watching the ad, the respective feature will be unlocked for 30 minutes. But if you want to get rid of these ads, you have to buy its paid version, $119.99 for a lifetime and $29.99 per year.  

Major Features of WPS Office

  • Collaboration tool
  • Desktop Extension 
  • Lots of extra tools 
  • Perfect Office suite 
  • Its Pivot Tables 
  • Spread Sheets 

All of you people need to analyze every perspective of all of these applications might be possible that a few of them would prefer the WPS office because of its latest features. Now let’s wrap it up.  


In recent days spreadsheets are a vital part of today’s business and its become compulsory to use all of these applications. Its different features will be according to the demands of the people.

We covered this informative discussion after deep research and public reviews. We have tried our best to make you able to choose the right MS Excel alternative if you don’t want to pay for MS Excel anymore.

Because there are so many alternatives in the market that are free to use, all of these alternatives are designed with the most updated features to make you able to save money.

All of these alternatives are free to use except a few ones, and even their updated features are free of cost, which will help you save money to make your business more flourish and progressive.

You were an active participant in today’s discussion, which has built enough sense to choose the right MS Excel alternative for your business, home, and family. So choose wisely and be happy.



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