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Top 10 eLearning App Development Companies to Hire in 2022–23

Hiring an e-learning app development company, which can create a custom educational app for your project, is not a piece of cake. This sector has seen mushroom growth, especially since the pandemic. Due to the increasing demand, you can see a swarm of companies providing services in education apps.

So, if you plan to launch your e-learning app this year, first analyse the best educational app development companies. Don’t worry; we will provide the 10 best e-learning app development companies worldwide. So, the rest lies in your hands. Choose the one that resonates with your priorities.

Why do you need your e-learning app?

Modes of education are changing with the speed of light. You know people are shifting towards a more virtual learning experience. Belonging to different sectors of life and having various educational preferences, people around the world tend to find the least inconvenient way to teach themselves what they want. 

Given the scarcity of time, transit charges, and less focused environment, people don’t feel the need to enroll themselves into traditional educational institutes.

So basically, with time, technology has removed the hurdles in traditional education that come in the way of learning. That’s why people are shifting towards different e-learning apps. 

Another primary reason was the pandemic that forced everyone to stay at home. Everyone willy-nilly succumbed to its whims and stayed at home. However, they found new ways to educate themselves. Some of them learned some new skills, while others resumed their formal education. E-learning apps helped them to get away with the problems caused due to lockdown. 

Thus, the pandemic came as a blessing in disguise because it flocked the masses to virtual ways of learning.

You will be in awe to see the market value of e-learning. Do you know the e-learning apps market will hit the gigantic figure of $ 350 billion in 2025? This shows the amount of opportunity in this web-based educational sector. In order to tap this profitable market and squeeze money from it, you will always need your e-learning platform. 

Chances are you don’t know the ABC of programming. So, you need to hire an e-learning software company for that purpose. 

Types of e-learning apps

Educational apps are of as many types as there are colours in a rainbow. Each app is designed to meet specific needs. You can find them easily on the internet. Some apps manage the students while others assist the teachers. Apart from that, some apps provide trending courses. Hence, your app depends on what type of audience you want to target.

Some of the app types are given below:

1. Learning Management System

As its name suggests, it has something to do with managing. Yes, you heard it right. It manages students’ whole learning curve. A typical learning path starts from the registration, course choice, course data, assessments, assignments, and exams. A typical LMS app regulates each step and also provides the results. It helps both teachers and students track their progress.

2. MOOCs

Have you ever taken an online course? You might have seen many people doing the same course that you have taken. That is why it’s called a massive open online course or MOOC. They are trending nowadays, as formal education can’t provide value in much less time than a MOOC. This age is the age of skills. If you have the right skills and the qualification, it’s the perfect combination.

You can quickly get a job or start your own business after enrolling in MOOCs. These courses include video lessons and additional resources to provide you with the necessary skills. Moreover, you will have to complete assignments and give assessments to pass the course.

3. Virtual teaching platform

Don’t confuse it with MOOCs. It is an informal and online education system where you can find a tutor for your child. Parents are very worried about their child’s education. They sometimes can not afford to send their child to physical coaching. That’s why they use an online tutoring app that helps them find the best tutor.

Before contacting your preferred app company, you need to know your own needs. After that, you can decide on the app of your choice.

10 best e-learning application development companies

We have gone through exhaustive research to find these top app development companies. You can determine whether you want an android, iOS, or web application and find out what these companies provide.

1. A3logics

A3logics e-learning app

When it comes to e-learning application development, A3logics is considered the top software house. Originally based in the USA, it started its operations in 2013. Gradually, their name became the talk of the town due to their exquisite services.

Currently, it’s working globally on different software solutions. Yet, A3logics can be your trusted partner in developing an e-learning application. Moreover, they have a big team of more than 50 experts ranging from coders, testers, and quality checkers. Ultimately, the final product comes out after being calibrated to their standards.

That’s why they have worked robustly in e-learning software development and on 50+ e-learning projects so far. Apart from that, they are also working on new techs like blockchain and AI.


It is an award-winning software company that has been in the sphere of app/web development since 2011. Since its inception in the UK, the company gained a foothold in e-learning app creation and later pushed its limits to post-app development ventures like marketing and maintenance.

You can break a deal with them if you want exquisite services with their team of 200+ members. Within 10 years, they have spread their presence in the Middle East.
Brillmindz has got the opportunity to work with scores of industry-leading clients related to e-learning and has created 700+ mobile applications.

3. Valuecoders

Valuecoders e-learning app

If high-volume completed projects are your choice, no one can compete with value coders. A company from India has revolutionised the tech industry in the region and abroad. They have a lot of experience in the e-learning industry since they have been churning out mobile and web apps for 17+ years.

Being an expert in this field, Valuecoders provides custom LMS software, e-learning mobile apps, employee training software, and e-learning portals. Discuss your app preferences with them and get a quote.

4. QBurst

QBurst e-learning app

It is a full-service software platform with 360-degree experience in mobile app development, web development, analytics, Big Data, Blockchain, and many others. They are owing to QBurst experience in delivering project after project successfully, people adhere to their work. That’s the reason why they have high customer retention. 

So far, they have been able to provide 2500 projects that also include e-learning projects. You can contact them if you want fast-paced work completion. They have a record of 75% repeat customers in e-learning and other industries.

5. FATbit Technologies

FATbit technologies have gained fame from their specialised mobile applications. Since 2004, they have worked with multi-billion dollar clients, letting innovative approaches prevail over the old problems.

That’s the reason it grew exponentially in the following years since its inception. They have been in the field of developing e-learning mobile apps for more than two decades. Currently, they are a team of more than 120 members.

Although FATbit is relatively new in eLearning app development, it has gained popularity quickly. It was because they launched a platform called Yo Coach that helps you build online tutoring software. During Covid19, it gained immense recognition as it provided a customised and fully integrated online coaching app for people.


Originally from the USA, XICOM has two more offices in India and UAE. However, they take clients from all over the world. Having more than 12 years of experience in the e-learning industry, XICOM has developed expertise in a multitude of niches.
Currently, they are providing services in almost all forms of software development.
With a team of 300+ experts, they are ISO certified. Another good thing is that they have 4.9 stars reviews on the clutch.

Their main motto is client satisfaction. Thus, they go the extra mile to fulfil the needs of their clients. That’s the primary reason why they get the utmost trust in their accomplished work.

7. HiddenBrains

HiddenBrain e-learning app

HiddenBrains has been providing Edtech services for quite a time. They have a dedicated team of mobile app developers that primarily work on e-learning. However, it has also been an authority on other mobile application development. For example, their expertise is in retail, travel, tourism, e-commerce, and healthcare.

As you know, the standard of a company is known by the number of awards it gets, so HiddenBrains has been able to get a Global industry and excellence award by ICTIS. This shows the working standard of the company. Working on mobile development, they have been able to win the hearts of 2400+ clients.

8. BelitSoft

BelitSoft e-learning app

You can gauge the worth of this company after knowing that Clutch has ranked it in the top 10 custom software companies. Since 2004, the company has been working on more than 1000+ projects.

BelitSoft has specialised in developing LMS software and customised e-learning apps. It is based in Europe and Israel. Their primary clientele is from the UK, Denmark, Estonia, Netherlands, and Norway. However, you can contact them if you think of hiring them to create your custom e-learning app. Apart from Edtech, they also provide services in Fintech and Insurtech.

9. CodeBrew Labs

Code Brew Labs is one of the finest software companies to provide services in Edtech apps. Its motto is to provide education apps for everyone. That’s why they have taken the initiative to cover many e-learning experiences.

This company is based in the USA and India as well. Until now they have served a large number of clients and have worked to provide top-notch services to more than 10000 clients all over the world.

Apart from apps, Codebrew labs have proven its mettle in web development, digital marketing, IoT, Cryptocurrency, blockchain, you name it. For this reason, you can say that this company is a team that works in unison with the best principles like dedication, perseverance, and innovative thinking.

In the landscape of Edtech apps, they create applications such as education management solutions, assignment tracking systems, language learning apps, education gaming apps, e.t.c.

10. NineHertz

This company was launched in 2008 to provide mobile app development services. Later, they enlarged their work domain and housed other technologies in their portfolio. Currently, it is working in more than 6 countries, including USA, India, UAE, Australia, and Cincinnati.

Their services in e-learning are impeccable, as they have worked on 150+ iOS and 125+ android projects so far. When 575+ expert developers collaborate and share insights, the final products will be nearly perfect. That’s what makes NineHertz a worth hiring company.
They have expertise in many education-related apps, but their LMS app is the most recognized one. They have a knack for such apps.

Wrapping up

The traditional education system is marred with a lot of structural and social problems. To add insult to injury, Covid19 further bogged down the educational system. While there are problems, there is always a way out.

And the solution came in the form of e-learning apps. On one side, it offers a virtual experience of education; it is a lucrative business and a booming industry on the other.

Knowing these facts, you think of creating your app, but to your dismay, you lack the required skills. To come up with a solution, we have provided the top ten e-learning app development companies you can hire. If you are seriously considering this venture, check them out and let us know your feedback.


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