Top 14 Best Free VoIP Phone Software To Download In 2022

In this article, we have compiled a list of Best Free VoIP phone software. VoIP, or Voice over Internet Protocol, is the trendy method to talk on the phone. Skype and its type have caused a sudden increase of VoIP programs, apps and hardware that allow you bypass conventional phone networks in favor of digitized over-the-internet voice calls, direct messaging and video conferencing.

Whether it’s business executive by telepresence and video conferencing to reduce on travel expenses, online gamers looking for a simple means of in-game communication or distant families looking for a means to get connected with distant loved ones that won’t charge an arm and a leg, VoIP is an essential part of life for several people. Let’s discuss these all one by one.

Top 14 Best Free VoIP Phone software

1. Skype – Free VoIP Phone Software


Skype possess a huge user base, with over 300 million subscribers. Free Skype-to-Skype audio and video calls, group calls, in addition to text and voice messaging cover your telephony fundamentals. Additional advanced tools for example call forwarding, sending SMS messages, Caller ID, a Skype number, calling landline or mobile phones worldwide, and video conferencing can be allowed with Skype Credit or a subscription plan.

In addition, Skype for Business features robust Office 365 integration and runs through a Lync server, so messages and calls do not require leaving the office intranet except made to or by a remote user. It is not just a great app for desktop but also a great VoIP softphone for mac.

2. Google Voice – Free VoIP Phone Software

Google Voice

Another good VoIP softphone for Mac is Google Voice. After suffering in development limbo for years, Google Voice has gotten a key update to its web and VoIP phone software to download (Android, iOS).

Bringing a load of usability and interface development, from Google’s Material design to an innovative style of the inbox that separates your text messages, calls, and voice mail, in addition to enhancement to group messaging and MMS features. (Just in time, also, as Google Hangouts, one of the company’s other video talking options is getting an overhaul as a business communication tool to compete with the likes of Slack.)

Every one of these features comes additionally to known strong points of Google Voice, for example, auto-transcribed voice mail (now contain Spanish), call forwarding, spam-filtering, and more. Google has said that it’s going to be offering innovative features and more steady updates to Google Voice, so perhaps Google’s messaging future might, actually, lie in its past.

3. Vonage – Free VoIP Phone Software

Vonage is an excellent premium residence VOIP plans provider of, along with a telephone-like experience that also has several extras for example call forwarding, mobile extensions with VoIP phone software to download, and support for numerous international locations.

Vonage also provides a number of efficient extras for the desktop to bring your calls to your desktop or laptop, for example, SoftPhone, to make and receive calls, voicemail, and additional features ($9.99 monthly), and subscribers to Vonage’s business plans obtain the heftier Vonage DesktopConnect. It is a communications core of call making, sending messages, tracking call history, and much more.

4. ooVoo – Free VoIP Phone Software


ooVoo is a popular instant messaging and voice/video calling service. It features instant messaging, text chat, video calls, video message, and 12-way video conference. Additional interesting features contain the facility to invite non-ooVoo users to calls (prompting them to sign up and download), create browser-based “Call Me” buttons, in addition to file and screen sharing, best for collaborative work or online meetings.

Buying premium credits permits you to call landline numbers in over 70 countries at practical rates, in addition, to connect landline callers to conference calls (audio only). It’s also has moved to mobile devices with Android and iOS clients available.

5. Viber – Free VoIP Phone Software

The Viber offers you to download free VoIP software for pc which has been able to match with the mobile app in terms of features and functionality, at the same time as Viber debuts its alterations on its iOS and Android platforms first.

You are still required to have a Viber account on your phone to obtain the desktop version to work. However, now syncing your contacts and call history is automatic and immediate.

There’s also an ingenious transfer call element that allows you to effortlessly switch between desktop and mobile when making, receiving or during a call. Furthermore, Viber has finally added group chats and calls functionality to its desktop feature.

6. Facebook Messenger – Free VoIP Phone Software


Primarily just a component of the better Facebook experience, Messenger has ever since branched off into its own creature. It allows you to download free web and mobile apps powered by your Facebook login to offer instant messaging, voice, and video calling via Wi-Fi or mobile data.

Easy to use, a lot of features for example image sharing and stickers and the complete ubiquity of Facebook have made Messenger a famous option for making voice and video calls without having to go through your phone. It has become popular Free VoIP Phone Software.

7. Jitsi – Free VoIP Phone Software


Jitsi is a free Java-based and open-source program for VoIP and instant messaging. Jitsi runs on Windows, Mac, and the majority Linux platforms. Jitsi possesses a six out of seven on the Electronic Frontier Foundation’s secure messaging scorecard. Therefore if security is your major fear then Jitsi may interest you.

Jitsi is suggested for the extra adventurous user who is not scared to muddle around with configuration files and encryption keys to acquire a customized experience safe from snooping.

8. MicroSIP – Free VoIP Phone Software


MicroSIP is a free convenient open-source app powered by C and C++. MicroSIP possesses a very simple approach in all aspect. The app’s track is below 2.5MB and its RAM usage is below 5MB. It has configurable TLS/STRP encryption for privacy-minded clients.

Its configuration is stored in a single.INI file, making customization and portability comparatively effortless for users with the persistence and expertise to mess around with it. MicroSIP supports voice and video calls, however, if you are looking for bells, emojis, and stickers then MicroSIP’s spartan interface might turn you off. It’s actually suggested for extra advanced users.

9. Linphone – Free VoIP Phone Software


Linphone is a free VoIP and SIP client that was developed initially for Linux platforms however now also supports Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android. You can use it to make voice and video calls, plus can be run in-browser.

Linphone is made to support audio and HD video calls, call management and transferring, conference calls, file sharing and much more.

10. Discord – Free VoIP Phone Software

Discord allows you to Download free VoIP software for pc along with an app for smartphones.  Discord has received lots of buzz from gamers, becoming the favored option of a number of Twitch streamers. The single reason why gamers are rallying to Discord is its minimum necessities.

As a user, you don’t have to download a program or host a server, as all in Discord can be set-up and run by your browser (whereas offering extra options with an installed client). Discord also has extra security features like IP Address hiding, Twitch API and Steam integration, which makes it striking to daily gamers and streamers alike.

Discord’s developers are going to include additional features, for example, video calling, and a premium Discord Nitro tier offers extra customization for instance custom emotes and GIF avatars.

11. TeamSpeak 3 – Free VoIP Phone Software


TeamSpeak 3 lets its customer download free VoIP software for pc along with an app for phones. TeamSpeak 3 is also premier gaming VOIP app that has a client-server model to create something alike to a voice-enabled IRC channel with its system of User Permissions to allow certain users in a voice and messaging conference to have the control to moderate invite and kick out other users.

TeamSpeak 3 provides free servers that can host up to 32 concurrent users. You can also purchase a license to support up to 512 concurrent users on up to two virtual servers. Presently the app is trying to broaden from its user base of gamers to commercial and educational uses. TeamSpeak 3 has launched features such as PPK authentication, AES encryption, and both Android and iOS apps to attract this market.

12. Mumble – Free VoIP Phone Software


Mumble is a free, open source Free VoIP Phone Software that is compatible with several platforms that have excellent sound quality and low latency. Mumble has one drawback for gamers that its positional audio makes speakers sound louder if they are closer to you in-game, and fainter when they are far away.

Communication is constantly encrypted, and there is a wide user permission system that can permit server admins to give privileges and roles to users to assist in managing a server.

13. TeamTalk – Free VoIP Phone Software


TeamTalk is a freeware Free VoIP Phone Software conferencing system featuring VoIP and voice calls. TeamTalk supports the Windows, Mac and the nearly all Linux distributions. To use TeamTalk, users have to set up both a client account and a server.

TeamTalk also has a great feature which is its Accessibility Version, which lets visually-impaired users to be capable of extra easy screen reading and provides text-to-speech apps so they can communicate with other TeamTalk users.

14. Ventrilo – Free VoIP Phone Software


Ventrilo used to be the almost usual tool for online gaming voice chat. However, time and the development of newer apps have left it almost as an artifact. Ventrilo is still a trendy VoIP choice for gamers, even though there can be obvious latency and complex audio settings.

Still, the reality is that Ventrilo’s server software is free for groups of up to eight players’ which means that for small groups on a financial plan, it’s a practical, if dated, option for in-game communications.

We hope our life of Best VoIP phone software has helped you select the perfect option for your use.


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