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Best Voip Phones for Small Business in 2022

The top VoIP phones for small businesses will be discussed on this page, along with each model’s pricing and noteworthy features. A VoIP softphone can give similar features using software that runs on your pre-existing desktop or mobile devices, so you won’t need hardware. This is an alternative worth investigating initially because it may be less expensive and more flexible.

The Polycom VVX 601 is the greatest VoIP phone because it comes with a useful business model. It is well-liked for its features, and one of the simplest phones to operate.

Do you require a method to record all of your calls? You don’t want your customer to hear “please hold” before leaving. You can contrast your alternatives to get a better understanding of your range.

Using our free VoIP comparison tool, you can evaluate all the best VoIP phones systems with recommendations and pricing quotes tailored to your needs.

Best VoIP Desk Phones

Voip Phones

We’ve identified the top VoIP phone options for 2022 if your company makes a lot of calls and you’re wanting to install or replace physical VoIP desk phones.

We compared the differences between each phone based on a variety of criteria, giving features, cost, and popularity the highest priority in order to determine our top ten list. To provide you the most accurate picture of what typical people actually think, we dug deep into user reviews for you as well.

We’ve listed all of our top recommendations below along with why each one is so great.

1. Polycom VVX 601 — Best overall VoIP phone

If we were to use terms like “top-of-the-line” and “flagship” in reference to a desk phone, it would be the Polycom VVX 601 IP. A Gigabit Ethernet bridge, a 4.3-inch color touchscreen, 16 line buttons, Bluetooth support, video capabilities, and HD voice quality (depending on the connection) are all included. All of this results in a desk option that is simple to use, clear enough to hear through, and powerful enough for multi-call scenarios with high call volume. The most expensive model can set you back much more than $135 when purchased brand-new, so we advise looking with resellers like Amazon, however the more expensive model is likely to come with an AC adapter.

The VVX 601 is our top option because of how simple it is to use all of those features. Its sleek, ergonomic design is made for ease of use, so you won’t find yourself fumbling with the keys in the middle of a call.

Key features

  • 4 soft keys and 16 line keys
  • Touchscreen with 4.3-inch color and two USB 2.0 ports
  • 3-way audio conferencing within range

Why Purchase?

Flexibility, volume, video, and a handy touchscreen are all there, which are the essential components of a decent business phone. This device includes an RJ-9 port, two USB 2.0 ports for data and media, and Bluetooth (a common wired audio port). It is also simple to use.

Why Skip?

The cost isn’t the lowest, and if your company isn’t putting a lot of orders, the entire benefit might not be apparent to you.

IP softphones can be a better option for your company if Polycom’s price tag is a touch too high. For more cost-effective options, see our guide to the best VoIP phone services.

2. Cisco 7841 — Best value VoIP phone

The Cisco 7841 is a fantastic choice for company owners who still need a reliable and robust phone on a tight budget. It Starts at a price of $35, and there are healthy four-line keys on the gadget, which are the actual buttons that light up to show that a call is pending. The handset has a built-in wideband speakerphone, so you may take calls hands-free if necessary. It is compatible with both on-premises and hosted systems, making deployment flexible.
However, this is a fantastic alternative that is easily the least expensive on this list for a small business looking for a versatile solution for handling moderate call traffic with ease. The hitch is that if you want to avoid paying more than $135, you’ll need to seek the reconditioned model.

Key Features

● four-line, high-resolution grayscale display
● omnidirectional speakerphone

Why Purchase?

This used phone costs just $35, making it more affordable than all the top models with
superior features. It also has more features than phones with similar price tags.

Why Skip?

Maybe you want more features or line keys and are willing to pay for them. Or perhaps you require an even more basic phone that costs the absolute minimum

3. Ooma DP1-T — Best for working from home

Since many workforces operate partially or entirely remotely, the COVID-19 epidemic has made this more prevalent than ever. Anyone who needs to make calls at home may consider the DP1-T wireless desk phone. It starts at $85, and one of the ways it functions is by using Ooma’s Telo VoIP phone service. Telo powers call through the high-speed internet in your house using a little router-like device. According to several reviews, the phone’s buttons don’t make a pleasant beeping sound when pressed. If you can forgive that, we believe you’ll adore this phone.
32 customizable speed dials, a speakerphone with a Do Not Disturb mode, and physical hold, transfer, and conference buttons are among the features. Additionally, you’ll be able to quickly review your call logs and dial a number again if necessary. You will also enjoy unlimited countrywide calling through the Telo service and support for voicemail, caller-ID, and call waiting for services.
It costs only $85, but if you don’t already have one, you’ll need to spend an additional $76 on an Ooma Telo. Alternatively, if you need additional capacity, you may get the Telo and add the handset.
“I used Ooma to replace landline and DSL that cost $125 per month. It is simple to install and does what is promised. Our Panasonic answering machine and remote phone system function perfectly with it. Highly suggestible can simply redial.

Key Features

● 32 quick dials
● Call history Unlimited international calls

Why Purchase?

It’s excellent for dealing with otherwise irritating aspects of making calls from home: Consider voicemail catch-up, quick calls, redialing, or audio conferencing.

Why Skip?

If you have a lot of users or are dealing with a high call volume, skip it. Although there may be a learning curve involved in setting up your speed dial, it should be simple once you’ve done so.

4. Yealink SIP-T58A — Best for features

Do you require a touchscreen with seven adjustable inches? Do you know you can use your phone to access your email, calendar, recorder, and online browser? Five-person audio conferencing? The customizable interface on the Yealink SIP-T58A is loaded with features, including dual-port Gigabit Ethernet, built-in Bluetooth and WiFi, a USB 2.0 connector, and more. The CAM50 two-megapixel HD camera is an optional addition that may be added to the phone for video calls.
The smartphone is powered on Android 5, with an open SDK that lets developers with the required coding skills produce their third-party applications for a customized experience. Twenty-seven one-touch DSS keys allow users to monitor or dial extensions. At the same time, eight feature buttons handle routine tasks. The price starts at $269, and there are controls for hold, message, speakerphone, mute, redial, and volume.

Key features

● Huge 7-inch touchscreen
● Integratable interface
● 8 dedicated feature keys
● Removable HD camera

Why to Buy ?

Why purchase a Rolls Royce? Considering how frequently you’ll use this, you merit a pleasant luxury.

Why Skip?

Given that it is one of the more expensive top options for a business handset, you may decide that another pick is more cost-effective if you don’t anticipate using all of the capabilities.

5. Yealink W60P

Before choosing the best business phone, you must decide whether you like corded or cordless phones. While a landline alternative is assured not to run out of battery, a cost you more, you should look for one with a powerful battery that charges quickly, such as the Yealink W60P.cordless handset is portable and won’t tangle. If a cordless option appeals
The device has a longer battery life than your smartphone—up to 30 hours of talk time and 400 hours of standby. The W60P succeeds in this area, lasting for two hours on a rapid 10-minute charge, which is almost as crucial as how quickly it charges up. It can accommodate up to eight wireless phones, each of which can conduct two simultaneous calls, but you’ll need a charging station to utilise it. In ideal circumstances, the range is 985 feet outside and 164 feet inside. The phone’s built-in display is 2.4 inches. However, it lacks anti-glare technology, which might be problematic in environments with strong lighting.
While the features and functionality are good,
the Yealink SIP-enormous T58A’s number of features. Among its functions, the device offers six function keys, six shortcut keys, two softkeys, five navigation keys, call forwarding, speed dial, voicemail, and redial. The pricing begins at $144, and despite this, you won’t get as many features as the Yealink SIP-T58A does. Among its functions, the device offers six function keys, six shortcut keys, two softkeys, five navigation keys, call forwarding, speed dial, voicemail, and redial.

Key Attributes

● Talk time of up to 30 hours per charge
● 2.4-inch color display
● 164-foot indoor range; 985-foot outdoor range

Why to Buy?

You can be guaranteed to always have your phone with you to answer several calls throughout the day, even simultaneously, thanks to the quick and lasting charge.
This concept will be well-liked by small business managers who are constantly on the go but must be available at all times.

Why Skip?

This device is probably pricey if you don’t care about cutting the phone cord. The display is also much smaller than wired models’ bases, yet huge for a wireless phone.

6. Cisco 8845 — Best for video conferencing

During the coronavirus pandemic, video conferencing has become increasingly popular. Even though Zoom’s revenue increased fourfold yearly, video conferencing hardware has also been used more frequently. The Cisco 8845 is the best option if you want to choose a phone system and require one that can handle audio and video meetings equally well.
The 720p HD video may be played on the five-inch widescreen backlit color display, which also incorporates a wideband speakerphone. Additionally, it adds security by encrypting both video and audio interactions; this feature is particularly helpful for corporate meetings. Additionally, the UI is user-friendly and ergonomic, minimizing the inevitable stumbling when you attempt to exit a meeting.
This Cisco phone has five programmable line keys, additional fixed function keys, an integrated ethernet switch, Bluetooth support, a directory, and frequently used features, including hold/resume, transfer, and conferencing. Additionally, a headset and a mute key are included, which can be useful for video conversations.

Key Features

● color display of five inches
● Wideband speakerphone; includes headset

Why Purchase?

If your company handles a lot of video calls and has no intentions of slowing down, this phone offers a feature-rich, user-friendly, and attractive video conferencing

Why Skip?

Although it has excellent audio functions, it is just too expensive for anyone who does not prioritize video conversations.

7. Gigaset C530IP

If you’re managing a small business by yourself, you’ll need to be accessible for calls from clients and colleagues. While you won’t have the money for unnecessary features, you will require the necessities. Starts at $99, and You’ll get a reliable phone for making and receiving HD Voice audio calls with the Gigaset C530IP. Additionally, you’ll have access to social media sites like Facebook, which is a helpful advantage for business managers who need to stay current on notifications for their page. With a very modest $99 price tag, this phone won’t break the bank and supports up to six SIP accounts from various providers.
Additionally, it is wireless. While the charge isn’t as good as what the Yealink W60P has to provide, it is still adequate for most purposes.
Up to 14 hours of talk time and 320 hours of standby time are still respectable. At only 1.8 inches, the high-resolution colour display is also smaller.

Main characteristics

● Wireless
● 1.8-inch screen
● using social media

Why Purchase?

The phone offers excellent call quality, functionality, and advantages suitable for a small business, such as Facebook access, portability, and affordable price. dapibus leo.

Why Skip?

You won’t be making video calls because the display is only for text, not graphics. However, this is a terrific choice if you know what you need and don’t require video conferencing.

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