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Top 10 Common VoIP Problems And Their Quick Solutions In 2022

Are you facing VoIP problems and looking for their solutions? VoIP has become a crucial part of our lives. Voice over internet protocol is considered the most reliable online communication source, but you may still face many head-scratching issues.

Today we are diving deep to discuss all the issues and their solutions; you need to stay with us to explore all the secret solutions.

We will try our best to make you able to resolve all of those issues by yourself, which may save your IT team’s time. Most companies spend a lot to resolve these VoIP issues, but at the end of this fruitful conversation, you might be able to resolve all of those issues and save your money. Let’s dig it up.

Top 10 VoIP Problems & Solutions

Many of you will be facing any of these VoIP problems and looking for the best solutions, and that’s what we will do. All you need is the best and easy to-perform kind of solution you could use. Let’s have a detailed look at it.

1. Calls Without Sounds - VoIP problems

Have you ever faced a situation where you called someone, and he picked up the call but you can’t hear? That’s the most irritating moment when you keep shouting Hello!! Can you hear me? Are you there? And no one is answering. Sometimes the next person starts hearing but with a few seconds lost again.

And this could happen for a long time or might for a while. Usually, we don’t cut the call and keep asking hey, are you there and the rest of the queries.

That could happen because of the issues that stop RTP packet blockages. It can be solved by opening the router and adjusting its ports. Most of the time, there could be traffic blockage that doesn’t allow passing.

So be relaxed when  opening the firewalls and check out the ports; open them the blockage might be there. So that’s the easy way to solve this VoIP problem.

2. Choppy Voice - VoIP problems

That’s the most common issue almost all of us have faced so many times while having VoIP phone calls. It feels worst when we are about to hear something very important, and it cuts at that very moment.

And it would be a bit more embarrassing when we say can you please repeat that? This problem could be because of the bandwidth. If your voice isn’t audible to the other caller, it could be because of bandwidth upload issues.

It means your bandwidth is facing uploading issues that need to be transferred to your message properly. The case could be different when your voice is audible to them, but you can’t hear their voice. That will be because of the issues with downloading bandwidth.

Do you know what packet loss is? While using the internet it is used to send data in the form of packets, and when those packets do not reach their destination point then, packet loss occurs.

And you might face things like low quality video and audio services. That’s the exact point when you face choppy voice issues.

To solve this problem, all you need to do first is to check out the stability of your network. There are so many online tools available to check your network’s connectivity.

Compile the result of at least three testers and note down the bandwidth; if that’s less than what you are paying, you need to contact your service providers and ask them to fix it up.

3. Echoes While Having VoIP Calls

Listening to echoes is another VoIP problem you might face while making VoIP calls. There might be different reasons behind this problem. First, check out your network to see any connectivity or speed issues. If there is any problem, solve it and check the calling service again.

Then you might use that old traditional method of unplugging and plugging it in again. Most of the time, we hear echoes while calling because of those plug issues, so it might be resolved by doing this.

The third one could be in your headset; you need to check it out and call again. There are many chances you may resolve these echo issues through any of these. These are only a few common issues because VoIP is a well-known service that always ensures stability and reliability.

4. Bad Audio Quality

Are you facing low-quality audio while calling someone? That’s a fairly common issue in VoIP phones. It can be because of network instability. Your bandwidth would be full. That’s why you need space to make your communication fast with satisfactory audio quality. And if you are still trying to solve this VoIP problem, you may have to contact your provider and ask for help.

This factor could happen because of many other issues, like low-quality network cables. It could happen if you have used average-quality cables for your data connection. If your network  is not working well, you might need to check your cables.

Note: We are discussing having only some new cables or cutting them off to check them out. If you aren’t getting the real cause, you don’t need to mess with this. Just call your network provider to get this VoIP problem resolved.

5. Can't make Calls - VoIP problems

Have you ever faced situations like having an “X” on your screen? This VoIP problem could happen because of certain reasons, like having two routers may also cause this problem.

First, you need to check out your network layout and whether it’s working. And then, to resolve this issue, you need to make sure that there should be at most two routers. You can place your VoIP phone on VLAN to get this issue resolved.

That’s one of the most common VoIP problems. But don’t panic by seeing that large “X” on the screen. Have you noticed we are trying our best to tell you the simple and the right ways to resolve all these issues by yourself?

That’s our concern; stop wasting time and money to hire any IT person to resolve these issues.

6. One Phone will be Active, But the Other Doesn't

If your VoIP service isn’t working in one place, you need to check whether your VoIP phone and Mac are working. It could be because of configuration updates, ethernet drop-down, and network issues.

Sometimes your phone isn’t connected to other phones; as mentioned above, you may resolve this issue by simply updating your configuration.

But if it needs to be fixed, you can change its location or network. It might be possible that this could be because of the lost packets of your data. So whenever you face any of these VoIP issues, there are different ways to resolve them, so never rely on the single one. Try the rest of that if one isn’t working.

Hope you are getting this conversation, and we are trying our best to keep it as simple as possible to make it purposeful for you.

7. Interoffice Calls Delay - VoIP problems

Are you trying to call your colleagues, and the line isn’t working? There might be different reasons behind this, and to resolve this problem, first, you need to mimic internal network congestions.

But this is only workable sometimes, and you can use QoS to upgrade your router, which might be workable this time. These solutions are based on different issues, which can be the cause behind interoffice call delays.

And we are trying our best to tell you all the key reasons behind this; that’s why you need to ensure all of those factors are performing well.

If any of these factors will not work, resolving those VoIP problems can make things happen for you. The third problem could be in your terminated cables.

You can use different hints or gadgets to make sure of cable termination.

8. Call Transfers To Voicemails Automatically

It is one of the most common issues in VoIP phones; when you call someone, your calls will be transferred to his voicemail. That could be because of certain issues, and all you need is to analyse that root cause.

It might be possible that you are no longer registered with VoIP providers, so you aren’t getting connected with any other phone. That’s why all of your calls are automatically transferred to voicemails.

In reverse, if you are in a “Do Not Disturb Mood,” your calls will automatically be transferred to your voicemail. And most of the time, we use this feature whenever we attend meetings or at any other important moment.

Review all your configurations and analyse whether your VoIP phones are active. By analysing all of these factors, things might be easy for you to solve.

9. VoIP isn't Working - VoIP problems

Is your VoIP phone not working? That means there is any issue in power over the ethernet connection. All you need to do is connect that wire to your phone.

It’s a very simple VoIP problem that you can resolve by connecting power over an ethernet switch and that AC adapter will allow you to supply that service to your phone.

Note: Always acknowledge that if you aren’t getting the actual cause behind any of these VoIP problems and cannot solve the issues.

Then you need to contact your network provider and let him know about your issue. They can handle this alone, and it’s much better than doing something wrong with your network, device, or wires.

1O. 11 Minutes Call Drop Issue

That is the most irritating VoIP problem we often face while using these VoIP phones. High-volume networks face this VoIP problem in outbound calls.

It might be possible there would be any culprit who will be using your service or trying to crack it. It would be best if you connected with your provider to inform them about this issue.

The second thing is there could be any issues in UDP firewalls. Those faster firewalls can close the connection and easily terminate your calls.

Note: The best way to apply this theoretical information is through practice. All you need to do is use this information step by step to resolve your VoIP issues, and we are damn sure after resolving a few of these issues, you may be able to get it done without seeking help from a third source.


There might be different issues that any of you are facing related to VoIP phones. There could be new VoIP problems you might have yet to see. Did you enjoy this conversation? Because it could be the best source of information for resolving all relevant issues.

In today’s topic, we have tried our best and haven’t left any stone unturned to compile all of the best possible VoIP solutions for you. We have discussed possible solutions and all the most common problems we face while using VoIP phones for online communication.


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