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Top 10 Best Price Residential VoIP Providers In 2022

Residential VoIP providers are expanding because of their high quality and easy-to-have services. When these services are specifically given to homes and other living places, then these are called residential VoIP services.

All of your services will be handled through the internet, and another interesting factor is your number will not change while using any of their services. All your calls will be over the internet, which is different from the old traditional landline calling system.

You may find many different VoIP residential services, and it might take time to choose the right one accordingly. In today’s topic of discussion, we will explore the 10 best residential VoIP providers, and you can choose any of them accordingly. Let’s dig it up!

Top 10 Best Residential VoIP Providers

We have analyzed all VoIP residential services to find the best quality and trustworthy for your home. Always acknowledge that these lines differ from the rest of the phone and landline connections. All your details, like the number and the rest, will be the same while shifting the network. Now let’s explore all of them, and as active readers, you need to analyze which would suit you.

1. VoIP Business

VoIP Business

VoIP Business is considered the best residential VoIP provider because of all of the services and easy-to-use functionalities. All of the features will be in your control, or you may have applications to let you use all of its required tools.

You can make video and audio calls with weather and conference calls. Another best feature is recording; all of your conversations can be recorded. All the communication will be saved and used whenever you want as proof.

There will be different packages with specific features; all you need to do is choose any of them according to your needs. That would be different for the companies and residential use, but all of that will be according to your choice.

Note: You will get all the other facilities like texting, sharing files and recordings, and the rest of the required data. And the best thing is all of that will be saved and accessible

VoIP Business Features

  • Best for conference calls and meetings 
  • Global Access
  • Additional features like texting, files, and other data sharing
  • Error less communication
  • Best Bandwidth use
  • Errorless Communication
  • Easy to afford their main concern is all of the businesses can easily afford them

2. RingCentral


How many of you are already familiar with RingCentral residential VoIP providers? RingCentral is considered the top-quality cloud communication system. This residential VoIP provider will let you have all its home services.

You may find its mobile and desktop applications to control its services and other things like faxes and voice mails. There will be different services which you may find by choosing its packages for you.

It offers unlimited calls with its packages all around the USA. All of its services are according to the different subscriptions where you may have its advanced calling and messaging features.

Note: You can have advanced features like messaging and document sharing, which will provide many extensions that can make your tasks much easier. Another best thing is to integrate this service with the rest of the programs to expand its services for ease.

RingCentral Features

  • This best residential VoIP provider will let 200 users join a video call at the same time.
  • You can block all of the fake and robocalls.
  • Can access all of its performance to analyze its positive or negative impact.
  • Can integrate with the rest of the third parties to expand its services at the vast surface.
  • You can have all the call information, even days, through its call analytics feature.
  • Now holding calls will not be boring for you; there will be interesting music while calls are on hold.
  • It can be used with iOS, macOS, windows, and Linux
  • Best for availing VoIP services for your home.
  • Can refer to any of the small and large businesses. 
  • RingCentral is workable in more than 30 plus countries. 
  • Automatic greetings features will show a professional response on all the calls.

3. Ooma Telo

Ooma telo

Ooma Telo is one of the most trustworthy residential VoIP providers, which may let you call over broadband. It’s quite different from the other VoIP services; you only need a wire to connect directly with its router.

You may find different services: voicemail, conference calling, and other interesting services like international calling and integration with the rest of the programs to increase their usability and the rest of the features.

There you may find basic plans necessary for low-charge international calls, and all of the calls in the USA will be free of cost. This residential VoIP provider can connect Wifi devices and can be connected with mobile phones too.

Another interesting fact about this VoIP provider is your number will be the same, and you can perform all of the calls and the rest of the activities on that old given information and number.

Ooma Telo Features

  • Can get more toll-free numbers for this service.
  • No more than 20 people can join the same video conference call.
  • It’s the best VoIP service for international home calls.
  • This device has multiple ringtones to mention the important calls; that specific tone will let you notice all of those calls.
  • There will be extensions to make your account a bit more private.
  • All of the robocalls could be blocked before ringing.
  • Another best feature is it can forward calls to others if there are any internet issues.
  • You can read the name of the caller who is calling you.
  • Best for Windows, Android, iOS, and macOS.
  • Its premium plan will let you perform unlimited calls across Canada and the USA.
  • It will notify all of the missed calls and unread messages.

4. Google Voice

Google Voice is considered one of the best reliable and easy-to-use residential VoIP providers, which will provide all of its services free of cost.

The most interesting and different feature is all your calls and messages will be done by mobile phones and Landlines. You may be able to reply to your voicemails, messages, and calls through all those traditional ways of communication.

First, you need to upgrade this account; then, you can go for unlimited texts, voice mails, and video calls with your family. It will be the descent and the most appropriate option if you have a small family.

Google Voice Features

  • All of the unwanted and spam calls can be blocked.
  • Its conference calling can host almost 4 members at a time. 
  • You will have an address book for better call management.
  • All your call data is easy to track, and you can even know the calls, dates, times and days. 
  • The router will forward the call to phones.
  • There will be automatic greeting messages which may be sent to your callers. 
  • It supports windows, iOS, and Androids. 
  • It is operating in almost 10 specific countries.
  • Can do free calls in the US and Canada.

5. Vonage


We added Vonage to this because of its services and easy-to-have process. This residential VoIP provider provides a plug-and-play device to connect to the router.

This VoIP home service will let you have three ways of calling, and the most interesting thing about Vonage is you can share your screen with callers, which would be a very helpful feature for seeking aid from others on the call.

You can find its mobile application and use it accordingly. You need to go for its upgraded version and can call in more than 60 countries from landlines. You have seen the rest of these kinds of residential VoIP providers; the only main mission is online communication through the internet.

Vonage Features

  • Its best feature is call forwarding while facing slow internet issues.
  • Can schedule all of your future meetings on its calendar.
  • Can integrate with third-party platforms to improve its service.
  • Best for Linux, Android, and iOS 
  • You can block all of the spam and fake callers.
  • Its custom-hold music will never let you get bored. 
  • Can use customer support services through videos, audio, or through emails.

6. Axvoice

Axvoice also serves as the best residential VoIP provider, and  plays a crucial role in small businesses and homes. It’s a very common thing that we choose VoIP services because of their quality and useability.

You may always need help finding any major differences in these free VoIP services for the home. Because their purposes are the same, only a few functionalities could be changed.

There will be a router at your home, and a direct wire will get attached. You will connect those signals to have given specific code with your mobile, computer, and other devices.

Axvoice may offer you the cheapest rates in the USA and Canada, but you can charge more for international calling. Can use all of its advanced features and by upgrading its program. It offers many different packages to you, and the better one contains better options for you.

Axvoice Features

  • Its on-hold music may always keep your caller from getting bored.
  • Can forward calls to other numbers while facing difficulty in the first one.
  • It’s easy to manage a VoIP account by viewing its call logs.
  • There will be a “Do Not Disturb” option for you if you don’t want to receive further calls. It will automatically be delivered to your callers.
  • Three ways of calling through a strong internet connection.
  • Best for iOS and Androids.
  • It can use its blocklist feature to block specific contacts with whom you don’t want to connect.

7. 1-VoIP


1-VoIP is a low-pricing residential VoIP provider working on a cloud-based system. Nomorobe helps it filter all call logs to make things easy to handle.

Analogue Telephone Adaptor will require you to connect with the router at your home. You may find simple features in basic packages, like a few calling minutes and other specific features.

You can upgrade those basic packages and enjoy all of its advanced features. After that, you can go for international calls and call filtration; 1-VoIP can make calls in more than 30 countries and North America. Voicemail sending options are there for you, so use any of them accordingly.

1-VoIP Features

  • You will be able to reject all of the unknown calls and block those unwanted contacts.
  • Its customized hold-on music is the best way to entertain your caller.
  • You can make whitelists of your contacts and allow only important numbers to contact you. 
  • Will connect all of your devices to the router.
  • You can see caller ID while a call is incoming, whenever any of your callers contact you. His name will be in front of you.
  • Best for Windows, macOS, and iOS.
  • Can do unlimited calls in Canada and the US.
  • Its customer support will always be there for you. 
  • Can activate “Do Not Disturb” mode to avoid all unnecessary calls.

8. Phone Power


Phone power is another best residential VoIP provider known as a home phone with amazing features. The AT adaptor will let you connect your internet with your device.

You will be able to go for unlimited calls on cell phones and can have a lot of landline numbers. The softphone app will let you make free calls on your PC.

It may contain almost all those features, like call screening, unlimited calls, and voicemails. You can get all these features to get online communications at your homes.

Phone Power Features

  • It allows three people to call simultaneously.
  • You can enable speed dialing, which would be convenient for you to dial as fast as possible.
  • Its call blocker will only allow some of the spam and waste calls, which may help save bills.
  • You can see the name and number of the caller through the caller ID. 
  • It offers its VoIP home services in Canada and USA. 
  • Third-party integration can let you expand your business at a vast level.
  • You are free to block all those unwanted spam calls which you are not much interested in.
  • It makes the incoming calls easy to forward toward their destiny.
  • The outbound caller feature can help you make private calls.

9. 8x8


8×8 is considered one of the best online communication platforms, and that is why we have added this platform to the list of the top 10 best residential VoIP providers.

You can make urgent video calls and messages. The rest of VoIP home services may only be able to compete with this application because of its HD voice quality. You can record calls and screenings, voice mails and unique features.

That’s why 8×8 is considered the best all-in-one online source of communication. You may find many offers on this platform, like unlimited international calling, along with the rest of its basic features.

So many shorter contracts will be there for you to choose any of them accordingly and enjoy the offer. Another interesting factor is speech recognition which you may not find in the rest of the Residential VoIP providers, and it will detect the most used keyword in the speech for you.

8x8 Features

  • Can extract the most used keywords in the conversation
  • This VoIP provider is well recognised worldwide and doing its best in more than 100 countries.
  • Its call blocker will not let all spam and fake calls, which may increase your bills.
  • Its third-party integration will let you get more exposure and enjoy its features.
  • It’s best known for Windows, iOS, Linux, and macOS.
  • You may find a call tracking feature that will let your team track your customers and let them get engaged with them. It’s the best way to keep your customers engaged with you.
  • Call forwarding is one of the key features like the rest of the residential VoIP providers.
  • It can let more than 500 users be members of the same conference.
  • You can switch from ongoing chat to video calling.
  • There will be a choice for you to personalize the chat board to manage all of the numbers. 
  • You can have more features by having better packages.

10. CallCentric


CallCentric is another important VoIP service well-known for residential and business use. You may find all those features in the other residential VoIP providers because of their same purposes.

Analog Telephone Adapter is key in connecting the internet with your device. Another fact is they may provide you with many local numbers to make unlimited calls. Faxes, call, and browsing is included in CallCentric VoIP phone services for us.

Like other VoIP services, CallCentric provides many ways to improve communication with others.

CallCentric Features

  • This residential VoIP provider is offering 4-ways of calling
  • There; you may find “Do Not Disturb” features which can help you to avoid calls when you are busy. 
  • You can see the number of the call while listening to it. 
  • Best to use for iOS, Windows, and Linux.
  • You can seek customer support via email, and e-guides


Residential VoIP providers are expanding at their best because of their more use at homes. People love these services because of the facilities they avail themselves of. All of these communications will be done over the internet.

So many VoIP providers are out there and providing their residential services. We have seen your queries and all of the confusion that you have. We have yet to leave any stone unturned to compile this important data for you.

All you need to do is analyze these best residential VoIP services and choose the right one.


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