VoIP for Mobile Phones

VoIP for Mobile Phones: Cut Down Your Mobile Communication Costs

If you intend to cut down on the cost of their mobile calls, then you have come to the right place. Today we are presenting a list of VoIP services that can help you cut down your mobile calls costs. VoIP for Mobile Phones provides convenience and help. All you need to d is select the right service for you according to t your needs, mobile type, model and connectivity etc.

VoIP for Mobile Phones

Below are some of the best VoIP for Mobile Phones services.

1. Truphone

You can easily download the Truphone (VoIP for Mobile Phones) software on your mobile. You can have your phone routed through the internet and make free calls to other Truphone users. Landline and mobile phone calls are cheap.

With Truphone, you can make calls using WiFi hotspots and your GSM network, meaning you can use it anywhere. Truphone focuses essentially n high-end phone models like iPhone, Blackberry, Nokia etc.

2. Vopium

Another great mobile VoIP service is Vopium. It provides callers with cheap international calls through GSM and VoIP without data plans (GPRS, 3G etc.) or WiFi connections.

If you do not have any f these, then you can also make free calls to the other users of the same network. If you are a new user of Vopium, then you will get 30 minutes of free calls and 100 free SMS for a trial.

3. Jaxtr

Jaxtr is a free VoIP service that lets you make phone calls to and from landlines or mobile phones.

All you need to do is create an account on Jaxtr and submit your phone number so that you can be contacted. With this simples process, you can call the other users of the same service. When using it for the first time, you will need to call through the web interface or Jaxtr.

Once you have saved the virtual number of another person on your phone, you can call them from it the next time. Jaxtr also supports international calls. Suppose you are worried about privacy, then worry not. The number you submit is not visible t any other user, but the virtual number given to you by jaxtr will be used instead.

4. Skype

You may be wondering why Skype wasn’t the first on the list because of its millions f users. Skype is great for PC-to-PC communication; however, in the area of phones, it only fills a gap in its services.

Skype only has softphones for Nokia Internet Tablet, Windows Mobile devices and WiFi phones.

Skype has recently launched its mobile, which is called Skype phone. Skype phone bears every service and functionality of Skype. However, it is not up till now available in every country.


5. Rebtel

Rebtel is a gd VoIP service which provides users with international numbers for local contacts, allowing you to make international calls at low rates. You just have to give your contact’s international number and Rebtel will make a local number for your area, then you can make international calls.

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