How to call someone who blocked you

How to Call Someone Who Blocked You?

Unfortunately, every relationship has to suffer times of distress. Arguments and disagreements happen between two persons, no matter how much we love or respect the other person. Naturally, every person has a different point of view and a different mindset; two people don’t always agree with each other all the time. 

Couples and parents and children fight sometimes; it’s an unavoidable part of our life. People decide to stop talking with each other for a while to avoid arguments. In modern days, it means that one of them will block the other’s phone number.

Being blocked by someone does not indicate that you are no longer together or the person does not love you. It might be possible that they need space to ponder over different things. 

Respecting someone’s privacy is a moral practice, but sometimes it’s become unbearable when you want to apologize. Owning your mistakes is the best thing but how are you supposed to do that if someone blocks you? 

If someone has blocked you, they won’t even know how many times you tried to call.

Ways to Call Someone Who Blocked You

Fortunately, there are some ways by which you can communicate with the person who blocked you. Here are the ways that make you able to contact them:

1. Hide Your Caller ID

Hiding your caller ID helps to hide your phone number while you call someone. So when you call the person who has blocked you, they won’t be able to see your phone number and will answer the call. This way, you can contact them and convey your important message or apology to sort out the disputes.  

Both Apple iPhone and Android and Trap Phone allow the use of this functionality, but the mode to enable this function is slightly different.

Let’s see how we can hide our caller ID on Android phones:

  1. Open the call app on your phone
  2. On the top right corner, you will see a three-dot icon
  3. Select “call setting” from that icon
  4. Go to the “additional settings” option
  5. Select the “caller ID” option
  6. Tap on “hide my caller ID”

It’s done; now you can easily make calls.

For Apple iPhone, you can follow these steps:

Open the “settings app” on your phone

  1. Now, go to the “phone” option

  2. Search for the “caller ID” option

  3. Turn off  “show my caller ID” option

2. Use A Different Number To Call

It is the simplest way to call the person who blocked you. They can just block your one number, but they can’t  block your phone. There fore calling from a different number can help you contact your favorite person and clear all the misunderstandings.

use a different number to call some

You can get a new sim for this purpose, or if you already have a second sim, use it to call the person.  If you don’t have a second number, ask your friends and family and borrow their phone to call the person. They will probably understand your problem and allow you to use their phone.

  • Dial *67

It is an old method to call a person who has blocked you. But it only works in the US. Another way to hide your caller ID is to dial *67 before your phone number. It won’t show your phone number to the receiver’s phone. You will dial your phone number like this “ *67-XXXXXXXXX”.

When you call by entering a number using this method, the receiver will see Anonymous or Private on his phone screen. As a result, when he won’t know who is calling, he will attend your call, and you can talk to them in this way.

3. Download a Third-Party App to Call

Any Android or Apple user can download free apps from Play Store or App Store.  These apps can help an individual to call a person who doesn’t wanna talk to you and block you. Using such apps allows you to generate a fake number, and now you can use this new phone number to make calls. Some popular apps that offer this feature are as follows:

Google Voice

This information is based on the latest reviews of users that the Google Voice App is the best app that helps you to call someone who blocked you. And don’t be worried at all because users will not get it if the call or text is from Google App or a regular phone. Because it appears on the screen as a regular text or call. With these simple steps, you can use the feature of Google Voice:

  • Install “google voice app” on your phone
  • Log in with your Google Account
  • On the Search bar, search for your Google Voice Number
  • Select any number from your contact list and make a call


Text Me

Text me is another helpful app in this scenario; it gives you a new number to make calls. It can be used in any country through which you can make calls to anyone easily. This app allows you to use it for free for a specific period; after that, you can get paid subscriptions. Here are some steps for the usage of this app:

  • Firstly, download the Text me app
  • Login with an active email address
  • Click on the chat option 
  • And text anyone from your contact list

4. Burner App

The Burner app gives you a new phone number to call as a new user. This app offers you a free trial for seven days. And after that, you must have to buy its paid version.

Below Are Some Steps That How This App Works:

  • Install the Burner App on your phone
  • Select your area code
  • A list of ten new phone numbers will appear
  • Select any number from them
  • Now, this will be your new phone number.

5. TextFree App

Text Free is another useful app to reestablish your connection with the person who has blocked you.

It Is A User-Friendly App; By Following Some Simple Steps, You Can Use It:

  •  Get this app from PlayStore or AppleStore
  • Select signup option
  • And sign in with your email address
  • Now, enter a zip code
  • Select a new number from the given options

Now You Can Use this New Phone Number

This method was popular, but now it is getting outdated as the usage of landline phones is diminishing. But if you have a landline phone at home, you can use it to call the person who is angry at you and blocked you. It might be possible that they don’t know about your landline number and that your plan has become successful.

If you do not have a landline phone, you can use a public phone or landline phone at your workplace.

i. Use Landline

This method was popular, but now it is getting outdated as the usage of landline phones is diminishing. But if you have a landline phone at home, you can use it to call the person who is angry at you and blocked you. It might be possible that they don’t know about your landline number and that your plan has become successful.

If you do not have a landline phone, you can use a public phone or landline phone at your workplace.

ii. Send Them A Mail

When a person gets annoyed by daily disputes, he suddenly blocks you. And makes you unable to call or text them. Because of aggressive behavior, he might not get the idea of blocking you from the mail. You can use Email to chat with them.

We don’t use mail frequently, other than for work purposes, but it can be useful sometimes. This way, you can rebuild your relationship by sorting out all the issues.

iii. Contact Through A social Media App

Another option is to contact them through social media apps, of course, if they have not blocked you from there also. You can text them on Whatsapp, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, or other apps. While texting, you should ask for an apology with a sincere heart.

How to Find That you Are Blocked By Someone?

Sometimes  we cannot understand that another person has blocked us. We just keep on calling again and again. Here are some examples that how we can understand that we are blocked:

Your calls are not answering 

When to try to next person, the phone keeps on ringing, but the next person does not respond, which means the person has blocked you.

You will listen to a voicemail

Call a person and the bell rings just for a single time, and you will hear “the user is busy”. It indicates that the user has blocked you.

You will hear an auto-generated response.

If you keep on hearing the same voicemail that the “user is temporarily unavailable,” it means that the next person has blocked you.

Beware Of Legal Actions By User

In some countries, to irritate another person by calling him without his consent is considered a crime. People call it an unethical act, and the infected individual calls it harassment. By hiding the caller ID option, many people fraud other persons and ask them for their personal information and bank account information. Even some hackers also use this information to hack their bank accounts. 

You can be jailed for such an act if you are calling after being. You can call them if they are your beloved, and you believe that they won’t do anything like that. But calling a stranger after being blocked is risky.

Final Thoughts How To Call Someone

If someone has blocked you, it clearly means that they need time and space. Maybe they want to spend some time alone to clear different confusions and think about possibilities for how things can work better. Privacy is a basic right of every individual; we should respect others’ decisions.

But still, if you have to say something important to the person who blocked you, you can use any of the adobe mentioned methods. But using any method to harass someone or blackmail someone is illegal. The next person can take legal action against you and can report your unethical act. 

It’s best to wait for the next person’s reaction and then act accordingly. Let things go with the flow.


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