What is a Trap Phone

What is a Trap Phone and What is it Used for?

If you are a business owner, you must have a busy schedule. It’s important to separate your work life from personal. You must be available for your family at all the times. Whenever they call you, responding to their call should be your first priority. But sometimes, business calls makes your family suffer during your busy time.

Having a second phone to attend business calls can help you in this regard. It can solve many problems. You can give proper time to your family in this way and also to your business. A second phone is useful and has many benefits; besides this, it also has some dark secrets. Many people use a second phone to deal with illegal affairs and do forbidden business activities.

You must have seen in action or crime movies that criminals running illegal businesses use a second phone, and then they smash it and get a new one for the next deal. If you want to learn more about what a second phone can be used for, stay connected because, in this article, we are going to discuss everything.

What is a Trap Phone?

A “trap phone” is slang used for a second phone or a burner phone. It is an inexpensive mobile phone that is designed to use temporarily. These phones are used by criminals for illegal activities; drug dealers also use these mobile phones for dealing while purchasing or selling drugs. 

It is an unidentifiable phone that can not be traced. These phones do not contain the personal information of the user. A trap phone or burner phone is a keypad phone similar to a 90’s mobile phone without a touchscreen or camera.

How Does a Trap Phone Work?

Getting rid of a trap phone is an easy task; you can smash it any time after you are done using it. That is why they are undetectable; even if police find them, they can not trace the location of the user. After purchasing a trap phone, you can start using it right away. An instruction card is also placed on the box of the phone.

Trap phones are easy to use like other mobile phones; the difference is you don’t have a touch screen, and you can make calls and send messages using its keypad. Now, some advanced trap phones are available; you can switch to those if you are facing issues using a keypad phone.

How Can Hacking Help to Catch Trap Phones?

Modern mobile phones have advanced features and LTE capabilities; offering considerable benefits to their users. Hacking in advanced high-tech phones is much easier than in traditional keypad mobile phones.

Phone hacking means when someone else accesses your phone without your knowledge and consent, for instance, when someone breaks into a system of a security firm to get personal information, or it can be bank account hacking to steal money from your account. Accessing others’ phones and leaking their private information and data is also included in this.

Trap phones do not contain the personal information of the user, which is why any trick can not hack them. You can’t get the user’s address or the last location of the user through a trap phone.

Uses of Trap Phone

Other than for crime and illegal businesses, trap phones can also be used for good purposes.

Let’s take a look at its other uses:

1. It Provides Anonymity

Providing personal information to someone online can be risky. For instance, if you are running an online business and any customer asks for your phone number. You can’t even consider giving your personal information, but if you don’t, your customer will lose due to poor customer service. In this scenario, you can take help from a trap or burner phone. 

Or, whether you are coaching online, you might need to talk with a stranger. A second or trap phone is the best option to communicate with strangers

2. To Avoid Spam Calls

Many online portals provide job application forms, and they also ask to mention phone numbers for further contact. Most of them are a scam; they just get personal information and use it for inappropriate activities. They use this information for scam calls and harass people, particularly females. 

A second phone or trap phone helps you to use this phone number publicly without any issues and saves your personal number from scammers.

3. For Business Use

As a businessman, you have a wide social network and have to contact many people for business dealings. You must need a separate phone number for this purpose, not to mix up your personal and business contacts. A trap phone or a second phone can be ideal to solve your problems. 

You can take this anywhere while going out or traveling because it is small in size. Making and receiving calls from a second phone will allow you not to miss any important business calls.

4. To Use in Emergencies

Sometimes, our high-tech smartphones do not work because of any issue, or they often have short battery life. In this situation, we get disconnected from our friends and family.

Using a second phone can save you from these problems. These phones have long battery life and are pocket-sized.

5. Best for Children

A trap phone or a second phone is outdated with a keypad. Most of these phones don’t have advanced features or an internet connection. You can also give this to your children to contact them in any emergency if they are home alone and want to make an emergency call. They can easily use it because trap phones don’t have many functions or features.

These phones are safe to use by children. Also, you will not have any fear that your child’s screen time will increase.

6. To Protect an Expensive Phone

A trap phone is the best idea to protect your expensive smartphone and make snatchers and thieves fool. If you are traveling late at night or going on a lonely road, snatchers usually wait on these roads to snatch precious things from people. You can show them your trap phone and can save your smartphone.

Or if you are going to a protest, many pickpockets also go there to steal people’s valuable things. You can take your trap phone with you if they steal it. It does not cause you more loss.

7. Can Be Saved From Dangerous Places

The thought of hiking on a mountain with an Apple iPhone in your pocket seems protective. Or boating in a lake with a phone in your hand is also not safe.

Leave your expensive iPhone at home and take a trap or second phone with you. Even if something happens with this phone, you can easily get a new one without spending much money.

Where Can I Buy a Trap Phone?

If you don’t have any idea where to get a trap phone, then you can purchase a trap phone from any electronics store very easily.

It is an inexpensive phone, and you can get it for just $10. Also, you can ask them for prepaid sim; sellers offer different packages. Choose anyone according to your needs.

Pros and Cons of Trap Phones

Using a trap phone has a lot of benefits as well as cons. Let’s have a look at these pros and cons:

A. Pros of Trap Phone

A trap phone has benefits in many ways, and a burner phone does not collect your personal information or share it with anyone. It has a reliable battery life and can last up to four hours.

It can be taken by anyone while carrying it in your pocket. You can look upon your business affairs and personal affairs at a time.

B. Cons of Trap Phone

As a trap phone is not durable and can be damaged at any time, you have to deal with the issues of repurchasing. It has a temporary phone number that you can use for a limited period, so if this phone is broken or stolen. You will need to get a new number and spread it again in your business circle. 

It offers you prepaid minutes to make calls if you don’t use them within a limited period of time. They will expire, and you will have to spend money to purchase minutes again.

In a Nutshell - Trap Phone

A trap phone is a useful device for so many reasons. It can be used to sort out daily life problems. But using it for illegal purposes is not the right practice. Such individuals doing it for crime purposes should be reported and arrested. 

It is an easy-to-use phone that can be purchased reasonably from every electronics store. A trap phone has so many uses; it can be used to save your expensive phone from being stolen or broken. Children can use it in emergencies as it has less advanced features, and they can understand it easily.

This phone also has some cons as it is a small low-quality phone that can be broken after falling. But it’s worth trying a trap phone for its usefulness.


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