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What Is 703 Area Code – Location Of Area Code 703

The 703 area code covers the northeastern part of Virginia, and all their native people will use this code before making calls.

Like 703, there are many specific codes assigned to different cities and places to make calls. How many of you are familiar with Virginia? Many of you know it’s the most well-known city of Washington, DC. That’s considered the most populated area because of the cafes, restaurants, hotels, and many other entertaining festivals.

Have you ever noticed that we can’t make phone calls without entering the area code because the network demands a specific code to connect your calls to that area? The same is true when connecting a call in Virginia; you must enter the 703 area code. Let’s explore all about this code!

What Is The 703 Area Code?

Area code 703 is covering all of the northeastern sides of Virginia and many other places to explore in today’s conversation. Many well-known companies and agencies like Deloitte, Nestle, and others earn millions in months.

All of these agencies use the 703 area code for their calling system. They also need a special local number to make this area code useful.

Why Do You Need the 703 Area Code?

As we have mentioned, many well-known organizations, businesses, other food restaurants, hotels, and entertainment places exist. Starting a business over there will be the best option when you have everything in place.

So if you are going to start your own business over there, you need to have this area code because, without it, you may not be able to target its local audience.

The process is entirely simple; all you need to do is have a specific local number with the name of your company and then area code registration, and that’s all. That’s why you must have this area code for your business or personal use to connect with the rest of the local people of that place.

If you are thinking of growing your business without having this area code and even its local number, then forget about success. Because without both of them, how would you be able to target your local clients in that area?

Where Does the Area Code 703 Work?

As we mentioned at the start of our conversation, this area code works in Virginia, the city of great Washington D.C. Many other cities like Fairfax, Reston, and Arlington.

All of these areas use this code along with the local number to connect with the rest of the local people, and if you are a beginner, then all you need to do at first is have any of the local numbers with the area code.

Uses Of 703 Area Code

Many newcomers confuse themselves about how they can get registered and use the local numbers. So the process is very simple, have a look!

  • Enter the 703 area code 
  • Enter the rest of the 7-digit code

You can use this area code and its local number without issues.

Does the 703 Area Code Scam?

These area codes are assigned officially, so we can’t say it’s a scam. All the local people of Virginia and the rest of the cities use this area code and their local numbers to contact each other.

But still, many scammers outside use this area code along with its local number and call the native people to get their personal information. Most of the time, they call to ensure that the number is active and then do their scamming process.

First, they will call you and introduce themselves as any branded promotional call and then ask about your personal information. If you may share, then everything will vanish from your account.

Many companies and businesses like banks and the rest organizations are ensuring they will never ask you for personal information. And no one should share any of the information with any unknown person.

Now the question is how you can get rid of all these scams. So whenever you receive any unknown calls, you shouldn’t get a pic of the call, and if you have picked it up by mistake, you should block that number immediately.

Advantages of 703 Area Code

As business people, all of you are well familiar with how much an area code is important for the success of your business among local people.

Let’s explore the best advantages you can get by having your area code and your local number.

1. Low Phone Bills

We need to pay high charges while making calls at the international level. You need an area code and a local number for personal and business use.

With this local network number, you can make calls directly to all of its native people at a very low cost, and that’s how you can reduce your phone bills. Many business people know this could be the best option for all of them to save their budget and invest somewhere else.

2. Local Presence

That’s another best thing through this area code 703, and you might be able to give a local presence to your business. All the local people will always take your business as a local business, and it would be a boost among all the local people of that area. 

When we make international calls, the local people take the authentic calls as the spammy ones and they are costly too.

That’s why you need to have a local area code and the number of convincing local people that your business exists over there and that all your products and services are authentic.


All countries and cities are assigned specific area codes, and whenever we try to make calls to that area, we need to enter the specific code along with the local number to make calls.

The same is the case with the 703 area code whenever you want to make calls in Virginia and the cities around. In today’s discussion, we have elaborated on all of the worth-discussing perspectives of this area code, and we hope this will be a fruitful conversation. 

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