818 area code

How To Use 818 Area Code And Advantages Of Area Code 818

818 area code belongs to California and covers Los Angeles city. Yes! You are right. This area code overlaid the 213 area code and is now used as the official one for specific places.

Area codes are a kind of tag through which you could be familiar with where it belongs. You will already know area codes, why they exist, and how we use them.

We will explore the 818 area code in this conversation, so stay tuned for further information.

What is 818 Area Code - Overview:

818 area code

This area code covers all over California, along with the major city of Los Angeles. It replaced area code 213 area code in January 1984. Just like the 646 area code and the rest of the same is the purpose of this area code but for a different place.

Another interesting fact is the 818 area code and 747, both cover the same places. If you want to make calls from a landline, then the method would be different from normal phone calls.

So don’t get confused with these codes; take them the same and respond accordingly.

818 Area Code Time Zone

Area Code 818 is situated in the Pacific Time zone. It covers all cities like Burbank, Calabasas, Encino, Granada Hills, North Hills, North Hollywood, Mission Hills, North Hills, and Panorama City, along with the rest of the cities.

Why Do You Need an 818 Area Code?

As the 510 area code belongs to the cities of North California, you need to interpret this area code before their local number.

The same is the case with the 818 area code; if you want to make calls in Los Angles, you need to have it and their local number. There will be a slightly different way to make calls, so stay tuned to know the right way.

All business people are familiar with how many mega business companies work in California, especially in Los Angeles, its main city. So if you also want to have your business in these cities, all you need is its area code and a local number of targeting its people.

That would be much more convenient for you to approach all of these local people through direct calling, which will boost your business.

Just like the 347 area code covers all over New York, and if you want to target local people for your business, it would be compulsory to have this area code along with its seven-digit local number.

Uses of 818 Area Code

It’s very simple to use this area code. Most of the time, all new users need clarification that how to use area codes for calling. First, you need to enter the area code and then the rest of the local number.

There will be 3 digits area code along with a seven-digit local number. First, enter a three-digit area code, then the rest of the seven digits. Simple right? We don’t think there will be anything confusing.

Always remember that while calling from a landline, you must enter 1 before dialing the rest of the area code and local number. In reverse, enter the area code and the seven-digit local number if you call through the mobile phone.

Does A 818 Area Code Scam?

So you are asking about the legitimation of this area code. All area codes are almost legit if you have the right one.

But it doesn’t mean that the 818 area code isn’t used for scamming. Many of you have received fake calls from this area code for scamming. A few of them used to ask for your personal information, mostly about bank details to sell something.

It’s very simple to deal with all those scammers; you need never pick up calls from unknown numbers. Scammers used to have this area code along with their local numbers.

But if you are scammed, contact your helpline and inform them as soon as possible. So be aware of all of these kinds of scammers.

Your government plays a very active role in spreading awareness among people and telling them about different methods of keeping themselves safe from scammers. Don’t share your personal information with strangers.

Advantages of 818 Area Code

Without its area code, you can’t even imagine building your business in California. It’s just like a tag of the country that you have to interpret that tag before its local number to get in touch with its local audience. Along with that, you may have all of the following advantages.

1. Budget Friendly

Most of the time, we spend a lot of money advertising our businesses, but what if you have direct access to the local customers?

Yes! Through the 818 area code, you can call all the local people of California and Los Angeles and advertise your product and services. That will be the most money-saving and the best way to have all interested clients, which could boost your business.

2. Marketing

It would be much easier for you to approach people directly through calling rather than doing other ways to attract the audience.

For this, you need to have the area code along with the local number. That’s how the 818 area code could be helpful for your business promotion.

3. Be A Local Business Man

All the business companies are doing their best to be local in Los Angles and the rest of California because you need local access to target millions of local people to promote your business and can have a lot of interested people.

You need to be a local business person to promote your company to millions of people, and for that, you need to have a local area code 818 and a local phone number.


818 area code covers California and the main city of Los Angeles. All people must have this area code and the local number to make calls.

In today’s discussion, we have tried our best to cover all of its aspects, like areas, time zones, and benefits, along with different suggestions.

We hope this will be much more information for all of you, and after getting done with this, you will be able to understand all of the ins and outs of this area code, that’s how it works and where it exists.


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