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WordPress Multisite Security: Managing Multiple Sites Safely

Are you handling multiple WordPress sites? If so, you would know that it could be daunting! You need to log into each site and update the plugins for each one of them. Checking your selected theme for each website is another task.

With WordPress multisite, it is possible to manage multiple sites from a single dashboard. But sans the best WordPress management tools, maintaining the security of multisite takes significant time.

This article covers the reasons for using such tools, their core features, and provides a list of recommended tools. This will assist you in comprehending every facet of managing multiple sites safely. Let’s get started!

Top Reasons to Use WordPress Management Tools

Before proceeding with the tools for WordPress multisite security, you should know why you should use a tool to manage multiple sites.

WordPress multisite features have grabbed the limelight since its inception. It’s hassle-free to regulate the whole network of WP sites from a sole dashboard with WP multisite.

But, being a built-in WordPress feature, WordPress Multisite might not be the optimal solution for regulating several sites if your clients have distinct needs and server resources. The WP multisite feature shows a few restrictions. Therefore, the third-party tools, the WP management tools, come into play to manage several WP installations effortlessly. They offer:

1. Efficient Workflow

WordPress management tools simplify site administration, making tasks like updates, backups, and security checks hassle-free. WordPress management tools offer:

2. Enhanced Security

Regular WordPress updates for themes, plugins, and cores are essential for maintaining a secure site.

3. Centralized Updates

Manage plugin and theme updates from a single dashboard, ensuring your site is up to date.

4. Backup Solutions

Create offsite backups easily and have better control over your site’s installations.

5. User and Comment Management

Effectively regulate user access and manage comments across multiple sites.

Top Tools to Manage Multiple Sites Safely in WordPress

A plethora of tools are available in the market for maintaining WordPress multisite security. But we have handpicked these tools to manage multisite security.

1. ManageWP

This tool adheres to the freemium model. It means every leading feature is freely available in an essential plugin, and extra functions are tucked into premium add-ons. You need to sign up for a ManageWP account to use their service with your email and merge your website. 

On the other hand, you will have to install the plugin on every website you include in the Admin panel in ManageWP. You will notice the websites displayed in a row after you launch your dashboard.


  • Merges with Google Analytics.
  • A secured updates option that allows you to build restore points. 
  • Automates collaboration with clients & teams by accessing maintenance operations.
  • Hassle-free writing and execution of code from its dashboard. 
  • Customizable maintenance mode.
  • Demonstrates your primary competitors, website visibility, and keyword ranking history.

2. MainWP

In this WordPress management solution, you must establish a central hub on your primary website and merge other sites with the plugin MainWP child. This tool lets you design .htaccess files, regulate users, verify error logs, and evaluate SSL certificates. 

Does one of your sites on multisite lack SSL? If so, it will compromise the safety of other websites, too! Therefore, you should include a wildcard SSL certificate on your WordPress multisite network so that your main domain and all the subdomains are secure under a single certificate. You can consider buying a cheap wildcard SSL to keep a check on your budget. RapidSSL is a trusted CA offering Cheap RapidSSL Wildcard Certificates for subdomain security.

MainWP offers several flexibilities but needs time to set up appropriately. Being a Linux for desktops, this tool is a standalone solution.


  • It’s GDPR-friendly. But you must pay heed to what you link to it.
  • It’s an open-source solution where you can create your dashboard. 
  • MainWP will inform you via email if any new updates of themes are available.
  • Fast access to the WooCommerce pages on product pages, coupons, orders, and more.
  • Bulk content management platform to write, publish, edit, and delete several posts & pages.

3. Calypso

This multiple WordPress site management solution is for WordPress.com users. Besides that, Calypso is able to edit a vast number of WordPress.com websites from a primary point of view.

Additionally, this platform provides an excellent approach to managing all of the various applications that are present on .com sites. JS and the WordPress Rest API speed things up in the end, so you can see any modifications you make instantly.


  • Regulate multiple WordPress sites.
  • Simple & straightforward dashboard.
  • Desktop UI.
  • Pages load instantly.
  • Maintain your self-hosted and.com websites.

4. InfiniteWP

It’s another robust solution to regulate multiple WordPress sites. This tool assists you in managing limitless WordPress applications. It is also well-known for providing complimentary plans bound by updates & backups. In order to unleash its actual power and access every feature, buying a premium plan would be beneficial. 


  • The premium plan provides a malware scan facility, managing users, WordPress deployment, and client reporting.
  • Updating your WordPress themes, core, and plugins is hassle-free with a single click.
  • Self-hosted platform for extra privacy.
  • Securely migrate an existing website to a new location.
  • Safely identify broken links.

Final Remarks

You can see that WordPress Multisite has a number of benefits. Multiple websites can be managed and controlled from one dashboard. It can undoubtedly cut down on the amount of workload and simplify website supervision.

To harness these benefits, consider exploring the various management tools and strategies available for your WordPress multisite network. Elevate your website management experience and make the most of this powerful platform today.


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