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Top 10 Free Best Online VoIP Apps For Android And iOS

It’s a no-brainer to say that VoIP android and iOS apps have revolutionized the telecommunication industry. These apps are booming nowadays because of the benefits they provide you over the conventional phone networks.
If you are running a business and you need to communicate across the globe, VoIP apps are the most viable option.

On top of that, connecting with your friends and family becomes easy and super cheap with these apps. So, what are you waiting for? Ditch the old-school mobile phone calling and shift to VoIP apps. There is a wide range of free VoIP apps that you can choose from, depending on your needs.

Just stick to this article to get a list of VoIP apps for android and iOS.

1. WhatsApp

WhatsApp VoIP Apps

It would be remiss not to discuss this app while talking about VoIP apps. Almost everyone has used this app in one way or the other. So, you can say that its penetration across the globe is tremendous. Why would you use an Android or iOS app if it’s not fulfilling your needs?
Thus, there are some solid reasons why Whatsapp has been widely popular since its launch.

Let’s dive into its wonderful features without further ado.

First of all, it’s an app that helps you do voice calls to anyone if you have Wifi or mobile data. On top of that, you can have a chat and send photos and videos to anyone. Whatsapp voice calls are increasingly used and have even overtaken conventional calls in some parts of the world. There is a lot more to talk about WhatsApp; it’s a small app you can download from your iOS or Android Play store.

Moreover, you don’t need to be a tech geek to use this app. It’s super simple and convenient. So far, it’s completely free. So, you don’t need to pay any bucks for installation. Furthermore, its WhatsApp business version is no less than your marketing channel. The best thing about this platform is that you can call multiple people simultaneously. Thus you can easily customise your calls over cellular data or Wifi with this free VoIP app.

2. Google Duo

Are you looking for a video call application? Then, you are at the right place. Among a plethora of video-calling VoIP apps, Duo has always maintained its standard. But, first, it’s a product of Google; therefore, you may find it by default on most android phones. Thus, you may find no need to download this app, and it won’t cover any space.
Let’s move toward its features:

As a business owner, you must remain in touch with your clients, employees, and partners. Therefore, you should have a VoIP app that gives high-quality sound and video results. For this purpose, you can trust Google Duo without any doubt.

Another important feature of Duo is that you can share your screen with others. This way, you can show others something important on your phone. This feature also helps teachers and trainers to provide lectures from their phones.

As it is primarily for video calling, you can’t start a simple voice call with Google Duo. However, it’s important to note that Duo lowers your data usage to 1 Mbps if you are not connected to Wifi. It shows how thrifty this app is. On top of that, it’s cross-platform and free of cost. So, you can try it if you are looking for a reasonable VoIP app for video calling.

3. Skype

In the world of VoIP apps, skype has its place. Voice over the internet protocol had never been conceived before skype. So, you can say it’s probably the earliest success in telecommunication through the internet.

Initially, it rolled out as an app to help communicate with friends and family members living in different countries. But later, it got massive usage and recognition from businesses, as they found it a handy tool to communicate with the teams.

Some of its features are given below:

Some people say skype is dying because Microsoft is promoting its other products like Teams, but the current usage tells a different story. Still, millions of people use skype for various reasons. Skype is a diverse app; you can download this VoIP app on your Android and iPhone.
It’s obvious that skype provides voice and video calls and text and voice messages, but you will be surprised to know that you can purchase its packages to do landline calls. For instance, you don’t use a mobile phone but you want to make a call to someone who isn’t on skype. Instead of asking them to come on skype, you can call them just like the common phone call through skype.
Skype is free of cost, however, if you keep yourself confined to the internet. You only need to have mobile data or Wifi. On the flip side, you need a strong internet connection; otherwise, you won’t get clear voice/video calls. So, your network connection should have enough capacity to do high-quality communication.

4. Facebook Messenger

Messenger VoIP Apps

Facebook messenger got instant recognition as a significant VoIP app because of the ubiquity of Facebook apps. It means you are never short of people with whom you can chat, call or share emojis. Moreover, it is great fun having your Facebook friends in a messenger group where you can share whatever you like, unlike the Facebook app.
Let’s throw some light on its features.

If you are an older Facebook user, you may know that messenger was released as a separate application, way much later than Facebook itself. Before that, the messenger was inbuilt with the app.
First of all, it is free of cost and easy to use. For some people, it’s good to remain in touch with the Facebook ecosystem while using messenger, but others get annoyed with this. Another major complaint is that you cannot use messenger separately from your Facebook if you are using it on your phone.

Texting and calling on messenger is almost free of cost. Another drawback of this VoIP app is its file limitation. You cannot send certain documents through your phone.

5. Zoom

God forbid, imagine another lockdown striking our world. You won’t rely on the physical business setting anymore. So, what should you do? Try Zoom. Its basic version is free of cost. In the previous pandemic, Zoom mustered immense popularity, especially in the business world. Now it’s not uncommon to say that businesses run on effective communication.

Every individual needs a free VoIP calling app to get their work done. Zoom is one of those apps you should prefer to use.

Its salient features are given below:

You can host a good number of users with this android/iOS app. So, it’s convenient if you are looking for a virtual family meetup or a serious corporate meeting. The account setting process is straightforward. Moreover, you don’t need to read any operating manual to use this app. It’s designed in such a way that it comes in handy.

Now host up to 100 people in a meeting for free. And if you want to get some extra features, you can shift to premium paid packages.
This VoIP app allows you to call anyone through the internet and provides free 25 MB of cloud storage. The best thing is that you can schedule the meetings or calls per your requirements. For instance, if you find no time to call, you can prepare it so that you, as well as your partner, know when to have a call.

With these and other features, the Zoom VoIP app becomes a leading platform for your calls and meetings.

6. Signal

This VoIP app’s claim to fame is for non-profit purposes, truly built to provide services to its users for free.
You can track its roots back to the same guy who created Whatsapp. So, you may ask why it is different from Whatsapp?
Brian Acton, who built this app, seeks to provide similar services to Whatsapp but free from commercial needs.

This brings us to the features of Singal:

Due to its non-profit nature, it doesn’t want any personal information from its users, unlike Whatsapp and Facebook. These apps store your information to show you the advertisements you may like to see. Moreover, people contend that their information gets leaked in this way, which can be harmful to them. So, if you fear data leakage, you can shift to Signal because it’s more reliable than other VoIP platforms.

Instant messages and calls are free as soon as you have a reliable data connection. Apart from that, you can also go for a video meeting of about 40 people. In addition, you can download signal private text messenger from the app store of your mobile phone.

A significant drawback of Signal is that its number of users is significantly less. So you won’t see everyone on this VoIP platform. Nonetheless, it is a secure app for texting and calling.

7. Telegram

The radius of VoIP apps has increased over time, encompassing extra features like the topping on the cake. One of these apps is Telegram. From a telegram perspective, communication is more than just calling or sending text messages.

This urges us to know about its features:

First, it is a free-of-cost application available for both android and iOS. You can easily find and download it from the play store. Upon installing, you will feel that it resembles Whatsapp in terms of interface. But it has different features.

You can have a bot for you that will reply in your absence. This feature is pretty cool and also convenient. For instance, if you are preoccupied with some work and want to notify someone, you need not bother to open the app and reply to each person one by one.

It is a good app for one-on-one voice/video calling, but you can’t use it for group conference calls or video meetings. It doesn’t have the feature of video meetings. People are tapping the human resource of telegram to promote their business. For instance, you can create your telegram channel where you can send updates and ads to your potential customers.

On the other hand, people think that their data isn’t protected on telegram because their messages aren’t end-to-end encrypted. Consequently, it’s not much secure as compared to other VoIP apps.

But you can consider using this app if you are looking for a large storage VoIP app since you can send and receive very large files using this app.

8. Imo

While talking about the best quality voice and video calling, you can’t forget, IMO. Apart from other free VoIP apps, people often use Imo when they need a smooth and seamless call. That truly makes a difference.

These are some of the features of IMO:

If you want free cost HD quality video calls, then go for it. It is designed in such a way to provide the best quality communication without any distortion. This feature makes Imo a class apart from other apps. Most people living overseas complain that their VoIP app doesn’t provide clear results. For them, Imo is not less than a treat.

Moreover, if you are bored with the run-of-the-mill chat and you want to spice up your chat game, you can use intriguing stickers that will be fun.
Sending and receiving files is sometimes a pain in the head. Each VoIP app has set limitations of file size. That’s frustrating when you have to send large files to someone. Imo resolves this issue quickly. It comes with up to 10 GB of data.

9. Viber

Viber VoIP Apps

Launched in 2010, Viber is a beautiful addition to the long list of VoIP apps. It soon became popular due to its features and disrupted the market.

Its salient features are:

Viber became popular due to its free calls and instant text messaging. But apart from that, it provides several exciting features. For example, you can change the background of your interface as you wish. Moreover, if you feel bored with the theme, you can choose one of them with the color of your choice.

In addition, Viber provides you with funny stickers that will increase your texting experience. It has a handsome library of stickers, but if you feel they are not enough, you can create your stickers at any point.

Viber’s calling experience is better than simple phone calling, so you should try it.

10. Discord

If you are a gamer, you may instantly recognize this VoIP app for Android and iOS users. Discord was envisaged to provide free communication services to communities.
But it gained immense popularity in the gaming industry.

Let’s talk about its few features:

It feels cool to chat with your friends while playing online multiplayer games. This increases the gaming experience. You can use this VoIP app for free. Even inside the game, you need to talk to your friends; you can call them or send voice notes. On the flip side, a major drawback of Discord is that it isn’t secure. It was left unsecured intentionally because the discussion in gaming is not supposed to be a serious one.


VoIP apps are one of the most incredible inventions in the field of telecommunication. These apps provide the easiest, fastest, and most interesting way to communicate with others, no matter where they live.
It’s the need of the day to use the best and most free VoIP app on Android and iOS. So it’s high time that you should choose one of them from the list given above.


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