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Error Code 522: Comprehensive Guide to Diagnosis and Solutions

While browsing a website, have you also seen Error code 522? Seeing this error while managing a website can be troublesome or frustrating. But you guys don’t need to worry. This issue can be resolved by following multiple solutions. Cloudflare is an excellent CDN (Cloudflare Content Delivery Network) that works as a proxy between the client and the server.

Since 2010, Cloudflare has been assisting several web page projects in order to enhance their performance and improve security.  Compared to the old CDN networks, Cloudflare also provides a reverse proxy server.

While accessing a website that uses Cloudflare technologies, we often face error 522. As a result, our server connection fails, and we have to start everything from scratch. The error 522 is mainly known as connection time is out. This error is also called Cloudflare Error.

This article will discuss the reasons for error code 522 and the solutions that can help us eliminate this error code. So, let’s start exploring these issues and solutions.

What is Error Code 522?

Error code 522 is one of the status codes of HTTP, which denotes that the connection time is out between the server and the client or the connection is expired. It means that the server was supposed to establish a connection with the client, but the client did not get a prompt response from the server.

Sometimes, this error is caused by the server side because of the overloading of too many requests, underperforming servers, or connectivity issues that hinder the server from responding quickly to its client’s requests. A misbehaving load balancer can also cause this and a misconfigured firewall.

Causes of Error Code 522

Everyone suspects that the cause of this error is due to the improper functioning of Cloudflare, but the reality is quite contrary: it happens due to problems from the server’s end. Moreover,  because of many HTTP errors, we can not clearly define the root cause of this error. 

Various scenarios can cause this error, but the most common reasons are the following:

i. Overburden Origin Server

Cloudflare does alot of tasks so that the origin server runs the project smoothly. The CDN still has to contact the origin server for specific requests from the browser end users.

If an ordinary server is working without the support of CDN, it causes overloading or overburden of requests and results in timeout while establishing a TCP connection. Because too many requests need to be processed at a time.

ii. The Firewall is Denying the Requests

Another reason for this error is connection if the origin server is connected with its firewall. Naturally, this service should, by default, permit the IP addresses of the performance service, but occasionally, addresses are unintentionally or arbitrarily prohibited.

As a result, connections are impossible to make. Additionally, incorrect settings might lead to the deletion of packets from the original host network.

iii. Web Server is Down

The cause of error 522 is that sometimes the web server you are contacting is down or offline. The communication occurs between the web server and Cloudflare because of the internet connection; in this way, communication does not occur.

iv. Wrong routing

To guarantee that a website’s performance is correctly optimized, Cloudflare must go beyond network borders.

An important step in the content delivery process is IP routing, which manages the packets’ transit via the many networks involved.

A connection timed-out message is frequently sent if the originating server and Cloudflare disagree.

v. Improper DNS Settings

The DNS servers use the IP address of the original server. Any changes to this address must be communicated to ensure that the CDN and server can continue to communicate with one another.

The DNS configuration occasionally utilizes a wrong address since many web providers periodically issue new web addresses to the managed websites without sending them to Cloudflare.

vi. Keep Alive Messages Are Off

Performance is increased by Cloudflare by using the ‘keepalive’ header item to preserve established connections for longer. The connection setup fails and returns a 522 error if the option to have the HTTP messages shown on the web server is disabled.

This is a pretty uncommon problem and nearly usually has to do with a setup mistake on the webmaster’s part because the keepalive entry is permitted by default on most shared web servers.

Solutions to Fix Error Code 522

The solutions available to website owners include: Investigating the root of an error 522 issue should be your first priority if you are in charge of a web project that is experiencing this issue.

Making sure that the original web server is operational and accepting HTTP requests should be done before determining whether one of the factors listed in the preceding section is the issue. If not, even if other settings are perfect, it is illogically impossible for Cloudflare and the server to communicate.

If this ‘quick’ check confirms that the CDN service can really access the server resources as intended, a more thorough investigation is needed to identify the error’s root cause.

i. Increase Server Capacity

A web server overload is one of the most frequent reasons for error 522. The amount of visitors at any particular moment cannot be predicted. Because intermittent load peaks signify that the server can’t keep up with processing HTTP requests, you should use analytic tools to monitor the traffic growth of your online project.

To find bottlenecks and improve the hardware configuration of the hosting environment, evaluate the data often.

For example, Flexible cloud hosting options allow you to scale resources precisely to respond to changes brought on by the time of day, day of the week, or season.

ii. Examine IP Filtering

You must examine the necessary firewall settings and other filtering programs, such as iptables, to see if your website blocks Cloudflare’s IP addresses. You should also check them for restricted IPs because the .htaccess file might also filter Internet addresses.

The official website of the CDN service provider has a list of its addresses. To repair problem 522, you must unlock any addresses locked in the applications above (or other tools with comparable features).

Applications frequently automatically block IPs, so be careful and add Cloudflare addresses to your allowed list.

iii. Adjust DNS/IP Settings as Desired

It’s your responsibility to send the changed IP addresses to Cloudflare if your web host regularly updates the web server address. By default, only the providers’ own DNS servers receive this information from the providers. If you are experiencing error 522, then it’s important to examine your domain’s IP settings.

Take note of the web server’s current IPv4 and IPv6 addresses by logging into the relevant management panel for your web project. To choose the domain that is causing the error, move to the cloud configuration settings.

After selecting the “DNS” menu option, type the listed web addresses into the respective DNS entries (Record Type AAAA: IPv6, Record Type A: IPv4).

iv. Turn on the "Keep Alive" Message

In principle, it should be relatively simple to resolve the Cloudflare problem if the cause is wrong HTTP header settings. If “keepalive” is disabled or there are too few stated potential requests, you may fix this in the appropriate web server configuration file (for example, in httpd. conf for Apache servers).

A need, though, is that you have the necessary privileges, which is sometimes not the case with shared hosting plans. If this keeps happening with the ‘keepalive’ setting for the chosen package, you might want to switch to a different hosting type or provider.

v. Make a Call to Cloudflare-Support

Contact Cloudflare support if the 522 error results from a traffic routing issue. The problem should be described in a ticket and the sections you have already verified for mistakes.

To learn more about the present packet switching between your web server and the Cloudflare IPs, the CDN company also advises utilizing tools like MTR or traceroute.

To expedite the resolution of the issue, you may provide the findings (in text or picture format) to your ticket.

Final Remarks - Error Code 522

The error code 522 occurs when the server takes more than usual time to respond to a request. The most common reasons for this error are the firewall denying an IP address, not enough memory or CPU, and keepalive being turned off. 

By following the above-mentioned, you can quickly get rid of this error. And your web browser can work smoothly without any trouble. Even by adopting these solutions, you are still experiencing this error, you should contact your web developer.

FAQs - Error Code 522

No, error code 522 can occur on any web browser if the underlying connection issue persists.

Error code 522 is typically a server-side issue, indicating a problem with the web server you’re trying to reach.

Yes, a weak or unstable internet connection can contribute to error code 522.

You can use online tools and websites dedicated to checking the status of a website to determine if it’s down for everyone or just for you.

You can use online tools and websites dedicated to checking the status of a website. These tools can inform you if the website is down for everyone or just for you.

Yes, various online tools and diagnostic services can help identify the cause of error code 522. These tools can provide insights into server response times and DNS resolution.

To minimize the chances of encountering error code 522, consider the following precautions:

Use a Reliable Internet Connection: Ensure your internet connection is stable.

Keep Software Updated: Keep your browser and operating system updated.

Use Trusted Websites: Visit websites with a good reputation for reliability.

Disable Unnecessary Extensions: Some browser extensions can interfere with connections.

Several factors can trigger error code 522, including:

Server Overload: The web server may be overwhelmed with requests, causing it to time out.

DNS Resolution Issues: Problems with DNS (Domain Name System) resolution can lead to this error.

Firewall Blocking: If a firewall between you and the server blocks the connection, you’ll encounter error 522.


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