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What is California Area Code 916 – Location Map And Time zone

Area code 916 covers Northern California and is considered one of the original California area codes. It covers more than 2,190,000 residents.

Along with that, the education departments, medical centers, business companies and the rest of the industries use the 916 area code to make and receive calls. As all of you are familiar with that, California is quite a populated place, so many people use this area code.

And that’s the reason behind emerging many new businesses. In today’s discussion, we will explore all the factors worth discussing to make things easier to understand.

What is Area Code 916?

Area code 916 covers all over Northern California and represents millions of people. Another interesting factor is Forbes has nominated California as the 28th labour-providing and third growth-rate country.

Now you can understand how it could benefit starting any business over there. You can find many well-known companies generating huge annual revenue.

All businesses need this area code to let their clients contact them and promote their services and products. So if you are starting any of your business over at this place, having this area code is compulsory.

So let’s explore all of the why and how it could benefit your business, but before moving forward, you need to know how to make it useful for you, let’s make it easy for you. 

How to Make Area Code 916 Useful for You?

Many of you find it difficult, but it’s simple and easy to do. You must follow these two steps to use this area code to make a call.

  • Enter area code 916 
  • Enter the rest of the seven-digit local number

Before all of this, you need to register these and then own them to make them useful. It isn’t only compulsory for business companies. All newcomers must follow the same method to make and receive calls in California.

Why Do Businesses Need a 916 Area Code?

We have already described that you can’t make and receive calls without this California area code. Businesses need to make all of the people aware of their business.

They make calls and promote their businesses; you can’t get it done without this because it is the easy and affordable way of promoting.

Your business promotion with this area code will be more convincing for the local people because it’s easy to trust on their local number promotional calls. California is the most populated place where numerous businesses work, and starting your own business there would benefit you.

You can find the most globally famous organisations here, generating billions of dollars by targeting a huge audience. These organisations use this area code and a registered local number to contact the local people to sell their services and products.

What Are the Benefits of Having Area Code 916?

The California area code is necessary to start your business here. Because how can you target millions of the local people to sell your services?

Let’s explain all the benefits your business may get through this area code!

1. Local Identity

All businesses need to have a local identity to win the trust of the local people. And you can’t have a local identity without having the local area code of California. 

It is especially important for all small businesses trying to make their local presence. Whenever you use a local number to make and receive calls, the local audience will take it more seriously and get physical access to your place.

2. Convenience

All those businesses that used to make many calls need this area code and a local number to make calls to the local audience.

First, it will be more convincing for the local people to receive calls from a local number, and the expenses will be budget-friendly.

If you have a specific registered number along with an area code registered by your company, then your clients will be more convenient to contact you to avail of your services or solve queries. 

3. Budget Friendly

Having area code 919 is entirely easy to afford for all of the new emerging companies to make promotional calls to give  a kick boost to your business.

Your local area code can make things easy for all of you to manage. That’s why having this area code can make it more cost-effective for your business.

4. Cold Calling

All entrepreneurs are familiar with cold calling and how it can boost their businesses. In this process, the team calls randomly at different numbers to promote their products and services.

This is the best way to get active clients which can boost your business suddenly. Most people used to waste a lot of money on uninteresting and old ways of promotion and didn’t get satisfactory results.

Is Area Code 926 a Scam?

All the area codes are generated officially, so we can’t say that the scam is because of the area code. Few people use these area codes for scamming, and in the last few years; scamming has been at its peak.

Scamming through area code in California is at its peak, not just here. People are scamming globally with the real area code and the local number of that state.

They used to make promotional calls and try to sell something and ask for their financial details. They get access through that and scam millions of dollars. So we will suggest you avoid all of the unknown calls.

They get these contacts through dark websites and then call them for scamming.


An area code represents a state or a specific place, so whenever you receive any call, its area code will let you know the caller’s location.

In today’s discussion, we have explored all of the worth-telling aspects of this area code. Whenever you decide to have a business in California, you must know all the information mentioned.

Many people are also scamming through this area code in California, so be aware and keep yourself safe.

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