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Top 10 Best 8×8 Alternatives & Competitors in 2022

Searching of the best 8×8 alternatives is tricky hard and finding the best UCaaS solution isn’t easy but you can find here all the possible solutions. That’s why most small or mid-sized businesses struggle to choose an economical yet reliable communication suite.

Are you one of them? Then, you’re at the right place.

8×8 comes to mind when you shift your business communication to a cloud-based communication solution. As a newbie, you won’t find so many solutions on your table.

But, you need to know several 8×8 alternatives to upgrade your employee or customer communication.

This article doesn’t provide those run-of-the-mill solutions. Instead, we have researched the market and come up with the best alternatives based on pricing, scalability, and features.

What is 8x8?

8x8 Alternatives

It’s an American cloud communication company providing services in VoIP products such as video conferencing, customer centre, audio calling/messaging, communication analytics, and much more.

Initially, it started as an integrated information technology company, but later it shifted to Voice over Internet Protocol services.

They call themselves the pioneer XCaaS or experienced communication as a service, combining customer and employee experience.

As far as its price is concerned, it provides two different packages for contact centre and business communication.

Business communication packages start from $15 per person monthly. On the other hand, contact centre packages start from $85 to $140.

Why do you need to find 8×8 Alternatives?

There are plenty of reasons to find its best competitors. Most importantly, the cost matters the most in every business. You can’t shoot arrows in the dark. You need to know if 8×8’s price doesn’t disrupt your business model.
It currently provides an express package at $15 per user a month. It may seem reasonable, but its overall value doesn’t meet the price. In other words, the features you get at this price seem simple.

Three tips for finding the best options:

Before taking a leap of faith in any product, you should consider these three tips. Whether buying anything from Amazon or wanting a cloud communication suite, you need to know these tips.

You need to survey different VoIP or UCaaS tools before reaching the best option for you. So, maybe you are just looking for alternatives on a trial basis. 

As you know, first-hand experience is always better than hearsay knowledge. Thus, you want to tinker with different business communication products.

  1. Do some maths to find out whether it upsets your finances or not. If yes, then choose another alternative.
  2. UCaaS has to be secure. Your communication might be confidential or sensitive. So, it leaves no room for the security lapse. Otherwise, you would be in a problem. Therefore, ensure that the product you are purchasing keeps your communication encrypted.
  1. It’s not just about calling and messaging your employees or customers. For better communication, your tool must contain management plugins and integrations.

These tips give you an idea about your desired cloud communication solution. Now, let’s move towards the top 8×8 alternatives.

Ten best 8×8 alternatives for your business:

There is a never-ending list of alternatives to 8×8 XCaaS on the internet. However, we have enlisted the ten best of them.

1. VoIP business:

Most people are fond of buying big brands. However, branding doesn’t define the working of a business communication tool. The same goes for VoIP businesses

It is a relatively new UCaaS suite that takes care of all your business communication. It appeared as a potential contender for 8×8. However, owing to its features, it may disrupt the market soon. 

VoIP businesses, as its name suggests, provide Voice over Internet Protocol services along with other administrative tasks of your company. 

Don’t get distracted by its name. It provides comprehensive internal communication inside a company. You can easily assign each department its dedicated number using its extension features.

Although it contains the same features as video/audio calling, messaging, and voice conferencing, it augments your experience with some other features. 

You can now receive calls from anywhere outside your VoIP business’s office. Use the “follow me” feature to get calls wherever you are.

Now monitor and listen to your employees’ discussions while on the phone and track their call performance with call analytics and live reports features.


Pricing: It is reasonable to note that it provides a free version with various services. However, its premium features range from 7.99 pounds per month. 

2. Nextiva:

Significantly few unified communication software go the extra mile to scale up customer relationship management for your business. Nextiva is one of them that provides CRM for you.

It’s a cloud-based communication suite that gives exquisite services for small to mid-level enterprises. Due to its fascinating services, US News voted it the best phone system for consecutively three years in 2022.

Nextiva’s service and sales tools are a complete feast for your business communication goals. Thus, it provides one of the best internal and external communication solutions.

To take things to the next level, you can integrate the essential marketing plugins and extensions to boost your business. 

Business communication isn’t just messaging and calling over the Internet. Instead, it forces you to develop a humane relationship with your customer. 

Nextiva is probably one of those tools that use CRM to give you insights about your customer, helps you send automated texts and develop a rapport with them.

Pricing: Nextiva unravels a lot of benefits for just $18.95. Moreover, depending on the features, you can access as many features as you can.

3. Ringcentral:

Partnered with Zoom for its video collaboration product, Ringcentral later developed a robust conferencing service for its customers.

It has been awarded many times for its unified communication. Moreover, it’s one of the pioneers’ products in this industry.

Ring Central has evolved from the trivial VoIP service and has become one of the best platforms for business communication.

Apart from the usual virtual phone, it also gives services in call centres and inbounds. That’s how it becomes a UCaaS like 8×8. 

Two features of Ringcentral make it worth using technology. First, unlike many other VoIPs, it gives real-time inbound tracking that helps you turn the conversion to your side and satisfy your customer. Moreover, you can host as many teams as you want without letting service downtime.

Pricing: Depending on your organisation’s size and needs, you can access limited features at $19.99or you can use other versions at $27.99, 34.99 and $49.99 per month.

4. DialPad:

Dialpad is an essential alternative to 8×8 at affordable prices on the internet. In addition, a unified softphone service brings incredible results to your business communication. 

Right now, there are a lot of Dialpad services that fascinate people to get this UCaaS. As you know, you can cake, send text, and do video conferencing to activate the essential function of dial-pad

Unlike many others, it gives the best use of AI in communications. Using sentimental analysis helps you track the conversation to the logical end. 

Moreover, it boosts your conversation with its state-of-the-art Natural Language Processor to understand your customers better.

Pricing: It has different packages for small businesses and enterprises. However, its basic package starts from $15.

5. Ooma:

The pandemic had forced businesses to run for homes. Tapping on that potential, Ooma developed its state-of-the-art cloud phone for residential and commercial use.

Using its PBX facility, Ooma prevents using expensive hardware for communication and saves you bucks and energy.


Like all other 8×8 competitors, it provides essential VoIP services and some significant features. 

It differs from other competitors in its excellent services in API integrations, mobile apps, Automated messages, Auto-responders and much more.

Tracking the needs of a small business, Ooma furnishes some essential services like a Toll-free number, low international calling rates, virtual receptionists and free local call numbers.

Now, enhance your internal communication with Ooma’s clear audio and video facility. 

Pricing:  Different companies have different preferences, so Ooma divides its packages into three, starting from $14.95 to $24.95 per month.

6. Krispcall:

It is one of the leading softphone services that use cloud technology to send and receive calls, message one another and perform video conferencing.

Keeping in view the current competition, Krispcall adds some exciting features to its ecosystem to grab the attention of businesses towards it.

It provides a comprehensive sales framework for your inbound customer attraction. Thus, it applies its state-of-the-art technology to provide an auto sales dialer and Automator.

Additionally, Its CRM integration gathers and arranges call data meaningfully, providing you with the best insights to design campaigns.

Pricing: You can have a pre-defined and customised pricing solution starting from $15 onwards.

7. Intermedia Unite:

You will find a host of 8×8 competitors in the market. Each has its primary goal, which may differ from the others. Nevertheless, Intermedia Unite aims to provide safe, easy-to-use, and reliable tools for communication.

Used for small and medium-sized businesses, it gives you a wide range of communication tools. 

You can use its desktop or phone app, automate your calling with autoresponders, 

and share and back up vital files among your team members across the network.

Nowadays, businesses leverage combined features of different software at once to augment their work. Intermedia Unite communication suite does the same for your communication-related tools. 

It provides you with the room to integrate your cloud phone with the features of Hubspot, Slack, sales force and much more. 

Pricing: Use Unite Pro and Unite Enterprise at $27.99 and $32.99 per user per month. 

8. Goto Connect:

Every UCaaS provides the primary call forwarding/receiving, video conferencing, and messaging over the internet. However, it’s not what you may be looking for. Goto Connect uses a few features that stand out from the whole lot. 

For instance, it hits the user’s basic needs and tweaks its products to create little friction. As a result, you can get seamless, smooth and easy-to-use software. Thus, its algorithms don’t come against your understanding.

Goto connect provides services in four communication domains. You can easily manage your voice calls with international calling, dial plan editor and PBX service. Similarly, it helps you manage your calls with call routing and caller ID.

Likewise, if you are into sales and marketing, you can leverage your outbounds with Advance ring strategies and unlimited call queues. Lastly, it allows a vast team of 250 employees to be in an online meeting at once.

Pricing: Its basic package starts from 8.95 pounds, and you can get better features with professional subscriptions.

9. Callhippo:

Callhippo appears in the market as a fully customised virtual phone that encompasses every type of business. So that’s why solopreneurs use this tool to communicate with their customers smoothly.

It helps you manage your team of employees and automate your workflows using Callhippo’s voice broadcasting and call tracking. Likewise, it enables you to save a lot of money once you shift to its business phone system.

Now, collaborate with your team, analyse the performance, make cheap international calls and much more with a host of integrations in this platform.

Pricing: Check out its list of subscription packages starting from 14 pounds.


With 100,000+ business clients, Vonage is trusted by some top brands in the market. Persuasive communication is an art, but not everyone is adept at it. 

So, this tool provides Jumper.ai, an AI-based suggestion tool that reads your customer’s tone and suggests some powerful words to crack a deal.

It gives you unbridled control over your internal or external communication. Like other UCaaS tools, it also provides all VoIP services, video conferencing, and auto respondents. 

The most exciting feature of this tool is that it unleashes a library of APIs that savours your communication unprecedently.

Pricing: It has different prices for mobile-based and desktop software, starting from $19.99/user/month to $29.99/user/month.


It’s high time to get rid of the old communication system. This article tried to enlist the best 8×8 alternatives for you. So, go through this article and find the best option for your business.


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